Luxury Perfume: Champfleury and Ultimate K’Oud from Krigler


Krigler Perfume Bottles. Photo: Candice Sabatini

When you think of Krigler Perfumes, you probably think of their most famous clients, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, John F. Kennedy, and Ernest Hemingway. The fragrances made for those icons can still be purchased today. Even though the company could rest on their sweet smelling laurels, selling these and their other classics, they don’t, they innovate instead. Albert Krigler started the company in 1904 paving the way for his great-great grandson, Ben Krigler, who now runs the company. Ben continues the tradition of making exquisite luxury fragrances using top quality ingredients that are elegantly packaged. Krigler perfumes are the top jewels in my own personal crown of favorites.

So what’s the latest from the house of Krigler? Champfleury 132 and Ultimate K’Oud 75214.

Champfleury 132 Eau de Parfum is a classic that was created in 1913 by Albert and was his tribute to Champagne, France, a place he adored. Today, Ben has taken the formula from his great-great grandfather’s archives and revived it. I’m glad he did as this is already becoming a new favorite of mine. I don’t quite get the connection with Champagne, as with Krigler’s Sparkling Diamond 22 – which actually has a champagne nectar scent – but I guess it’s more the feeling Albert got when he visited the region. Whatever it was, I’m thrilled it was created, and the word I’d use to describe this beautiful eau de parfum is tender. Champfleury 132 is a modern classic that opens with notes of clementine and lemon. However, it’s not that adolescent juicy citrusy opening that goes “Pop!” Instead some of the heart and base notes of mint, cedar and lavender jump into that first whiff and create a grander, more majestic opening. From there, those notes join white blossom which stays around for a nice long stretch until melding with the gentle and tender base notes of white musk, vetiver and patchouli. Champfleury 132 has got great sillage and is long lasting.

Ultimate K’Oud 75214 Parfum is a new fragrance that’s part of the Krigler Royal collection and is also a limited edition release. Perfumers agree that almost all fragrances can be shared by men and women; and this bold oud is one that men will love to wear as much as women. Ultimate K’Oud is a sensuous, dark and intense perfume which opens up with notes of bergamot, cardamom, black pepper, and black truffle that adds a rich earthiness to the bouquet. From there are heart notes of yuzu, oud, patchouli, violet and a bit of leather. The final dry down is softer with notes of sandalwood, white musk, and cedar wood. If you’re a woman and think it’s too masculine by judging only the top notes, give it a chance and wait about twenty minutes. It will settle into an earthy softness that melds beautifully with your skin. Ultimate K’Oud 75214 is long lasting without an immense sillage, which is probably a good thing with this fragrance.

Krigler Fragrances can be purchased in their lovely shop on the main floor of The Plaza Hotel, in NYC (212-371-1122) or on their website

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Invaluable insight into the world of perfumery. I’m so intrigued now to find their newest innovation. Thank you for this!


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