Luxury Scented Candles Add Elegance to Any Home

Scented candles are the perfect way to add a bit of glamour, style, mood and of course fragrance to your home or office. Inspired by the scents of Saigon, Prato and Copenhagen, these luxurious scented candles are perfect to gift yourself or someone special.

On a visit to Vietnam some years ago, I was totally captivated by the perfumed smells all around. From street vendors to elegant hotels, the scent of fresh flowers and exotic fruits that mixed with the warm air and perfumed oils worn by the Vietnamese women was enchanting. When I learned that the creator of Cochine Saigon candles lived in Vietnam for a year and was also inspired by its scents, I was eager to smell them. And the experience didn’t disappoint. Using high quality essential oils that are ethically and sustainably sourced, Cochine candles are made from botanical palm oil wax and uses lead-free cotton wicks. Perfect for autumn and winter is the Juniper and Ginger Candle. It captures the slightly tangy scent of juniper with the spicy warmth of ginger. A bit of clove and bergamot add depth and just a touch of eucalyptus and patchouli add earthiness. The beautiful packaging is a lovely pull-out drawer and has an elegant tassel. Burn time: 50 hours ($65.)

Available: and Barneys.

Inspiritu Candles are from Prato, Italy and are intended to put us in touch with our spiritual journey by creating fragrances that link us to our ancestral past and fuel our desire for inner discovery. The beautiful glass that holds the candle is hand blown and hand etched in Italy by the prestigious glass art creators Cristalleria Arzanese. The fragrance, Temperantia, was created in Grasse, France (the world’s perfume center) and contains notes of grapefruit, pepper ginger and red berries, as well as hints of jasmine, violet rose, vetiver and amber. As the candle burns down, it reveals more of the beautiful and intricately etched design on the vessel, and since they’re handmade, no two are exactly alike. The Inspiritu Candles are an elegant combination of art forms from Italy. Burn time: 100 hours ($130)

Available: Barneys and Candle Delirium.

The Voyage Collection from Tocca is all about taking scent trips around the world. From Bora Bora to Montauk Tocca’s candles are inspired by places you’ve visited or hope to visit. This brand new one, Copenhagen, brings me right back to my visit to that marvelous city. As it burns, the lovely scent of lingonberry and cedar fill my office space and I can remember wandering the charming streets of Copenhagen and eating their wonderful pastries. The candles are made in the USA, hand poured using a proprietary wax blend, and have 100% cotton wicks. The pretty white jar is made from thick frosted glass. Burn time: 60 hours ($42.)

Available: Blue Mercury and

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marsha schoen

Very interested article on luxury scented candles. I have traveled through many parts of the world but never to Vietnam. I am intrigued by your description of how Cochine Saigon captures the perfumed smells of Vietnam. Glad to hear I can find that candle at Barneys and while I’m there I’ll also check out the Inspiritu Candles. It will be my break from Diptique. Thanks for the informative article, can’t wait to try something new and different.


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