How to Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

The ongoing challenge of how to make our perfume linger on our skin has been around since perfume itself. We’ve all experienced this; we apply one of our favorite perfumes or colognes, and the scent evaporates from our skin way too soon. Our only option is to carry around a small vial of fragrance to reapply when necessary. Not only is that inconvenient, but it uses up that pricey bottle of fragrance even quicker. Fix this problem with Linger, a perfume primer that will make your fragrance….linger.

LINGER provides sustainability of every scent. The product is based on a fine matrix of silicone polymers that allows it to create an invisible shield to capture and hold scent on to skin without changing its characteristic scent.

The beauty Industry has been in a deluge with newly launched perfumes and colognes, and It’s draining on the wallet to create a fragrance wardrobe. LINGER is a game changer and allows fragrance lovers to keep their favorite scents for a longer period of time. We tried it and it works.

Linger is housed in a pretty bottle that’ll sit nicely next to your fragrance collection. To use, simply spray some Linger on the spots where you’re planning on spraying your fragrance. Wait a couple of minutes for it to dry, and then apply your scent on top. It’s not sticky and feels nice on the skin. We reached out to Karen Dubin, Founder and CEO of Sniffapalooza, who told us, “Sniffapalooza members took the ‘Linger Challenge” and this primer really works! It does make your scent last longer”.

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