Memoire Liquide: Bespoke Perfumery at Bloomingdale’s


bespoke: \bee-spoke\ (bi-spohk)
orig: British, derived from bespeak, used as early as 1583 (dealing with or producing custom made articles. items made to order)

Fragrance is very personal. Obviously. That’s why there’s room for so many choices and we enjoy different kinds of fragrances at different times of the day, moods, seasons and occasions. The selection amongst the mass brands, high end elite names and the indie perfumers keeps growing and growing. The smorgasbord of scent choices is as large and varied as a cruise ship buffet. Yet still, us true fragrance lovers can’t help but want to create our own in addition to enjoying our favorites created by world renown perfumers.

It’s rewarding to be the master of our own fragrance universe and create a personal signature blend that’s all our own.

Robin Coe-Hushing began her customizable fragrance concept twenty five years ago at Studio BeautyMix at Fred Segal in LA. Now with her sister Jennifer Coe-Bakewell, they bring their Memoire Liquide Bespoke Perfumery to Bloomingdale’s on 59th Street, which btw, went through a complete renovation of their perfume department this past spring.

Don’t let the seventy five – yes 75! – bottles of essences on the counter overwhelm you. With the assistance of trained specialists who will easily navigate you though how they are logically arranged, you’ll be able to sample, concoct, and enjoy the most pleasurable experience of creating a very personal eau-de-moi!

Though each of the unique and proprietary essences can be worn on it’s own, it’s a most delightful experience to create a custom scent. So mix, layer, add, subtract, layer differently, (and remember to smell some coffee beans between sniffs to neutralize your olfactory senses), and then play again, you’ll surely come up with something you’ll love that’s totally you! You can buy .5 oz perfume essence ($60,) 2oz Eau de Parfum spray ($75,) a set of three .25 oz bottles ($90.) or buy a 12 oz bottle of body lotion ($40) or body wash ($35) and your favorite essence will be blended in.. I chose a trio of Ambre Ancient, Tuberose and Patchouli. Sometimes I wear them individually, or I blend them in a different layering patterns and different amounts depending on my mood and which one I want to be most predominant that day.

The combinations are limited only to your imagination. You can stop by the Memoire Liquide counter at Bloomingdale’s anytime, or call ahead for an appointment to insure you get maximum personalized service.

59th Street and Lexington Ave

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FYI – The Bespoke counter is no longer at Bloomingdales in NYC. Was just there today (5/6/2012) and it’s not there — confirmed w/ two employees too. :(

Connie Fishbach

This line is the best!!! Try #66 – I have been wearing the oil for years and I am always stopped and asked about it. Everyone who wears this fragrance loves it.


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