Merci Monsieur Mugler: Fragrances for Spring
And, A Beauty News Exclusive Interview


When Angel was introduced in 1992, it broke every rule of what fragrance should smell like; look like and how it should be packaged. Today, the original fragrance is still among the top 15 best selling fragrances in the world.


Thierry Mugler is a maverick in fragrance. He is a creator of dreams and continues to expand his vision in the world of fragrance and reinvents himself with every new collection. This Spring, Mugler has been extremely prolific; debuting a new collection of five haute fragrances called The Mirror Collection – Dare the Metamorphosis, adding a new scent to the Angel Innocent series, a new Eau de Star Angel, launching a new version of Alien in May, and introducing a new fragrance and packaging concept for AngelMEN, for mid April.

Beauty News had a rare opportunity. We conducted a brief interview with Monsieur Mugler who travels extensively and rarely has time, so we are honored.

BN: Mr. Mugler, Why are you debuting so many new fragrances at the same time?
Mr. Mugler: That’s the business. Each brand wants to do more and better, claiming originality and uniqueness… but only the best survive the test of time.

BN: Where do you get your inspiration for such a diverse array of scents?
Mr. Mugler: My trips all over the world, my life between Paris and New York as all the entertainment industry, exhibitions and people. My work as a photographer always looking for emotion, details and lights. Every day life is full of inspiration, you just have to be observant and curious and then willing to express your feelings by creating.

BN: Do you visualize who wears your fragrances?
Mr. Mugler: Every woman has her own personality and choosing a fragrance is very personal. I draw my inspiration from these women who identify with their own individual beauty through scent. Fragrance is about choice and individuality and I want women to be able to lavish in the many individual fragrances I have created to represent each one.

Miroir, Miroir Collection

Dare the Metamorphosis: The Mirror Collection –The Mirror Collection is the fragrant facet of the new collection which also includes color and skincare lines called The Art of Metamorphosis.

There are five ‘Miroir,Miroir fragrances (three are florals, one is a sparkling woods and one is a bittersweet aldehydic). According to Joel Palix, President of Thierry Mugler Parfums, “We gave carte blanche to our perfumers to create something unusual and original”.

BN reviews of all five ‘stellar’ scents:

A TRAVERS LE MIROIR, (Through the Looking Glass) reflects Sexual Ambivalence. Here, the most feminine and provocative flower, tuberose meets the masculine soul of a woody accord; icy wintergreen and absinthe also come into play. It doesn’t speak to me, but fans of unisex scents may enjoy its androgynous nature.

Next, MIROIR DES SECRETS, (Mirror Of Secrets) reflects a Natural Sophistication, and is the most innovative, since for the first time in a fragrance, a natural aldehyde is used (a Thierry Mugler exclusivity,) revealing brilliant accents to the bitter-sweet blend of patchouli and musk.

BN’s favorite is DIS MOI MIROIR, (Mirror Image) which expresses Daring and Exceptional Femininity; lavish, nurturing floral notes such as Lily and Orange Blossom meld with milky notes for our most wanted scent in this collection.

MIROIR DES VANITES, (Mirror of Vanities) is an Expression of Unpredictability; day meets night as bubbly citrus accords enliven and mingle with the warm, subtle bitterness of cinchona bark and vetiver, heightened by the black intensity of licorice. Although we don’t smell the licorice, the weet citrus and dry vetiver deliver an unusual but pleasing drydown.

MIROIR DES ENVIES, (Mirror of Desires) is Delicious sensuality and the gourmand scent in the collection. It smells like jam and warm toast, with a jasmine center; there is a mix of natural and synthetic ingredients. We like this one very much, but we wish it hadn’t faded so quickly.

The reflective mirrored packaging certainly beckons ‘come hither’ (and is great for last minute make-up touchups).

The entire collection is available at and

Angel Innocent Illusion and Angel Magic Star

Angel Innocent Illusion and Angel Magic Star were launched in February. Angel Innocent Illusion (a limited edition) is a very young fresh floral and is available in a body crème as well perfume.

Available while supplies last at and

Angel Magic Star is a limited edition of the original Angel fragrance, offering .34 fl. oz. more fragrance (1.1 fl. oz. refillable bottle at the price of a .8 fl. oz. refillable bottle). Available at and

Alien Eau Luminescente

Mugler’s ‘first’ Alien fragrance was homage to the amethyst jewel, as a symbol of serenity and spirituality. Alien Eau Luminescente is a floral-amber fragrance that pays tribute to the topaz. The fragrance has an energizing, illuminating and comforting aura. Sparkling mandarin blends with the exotic Tiaré flower and white amber for a sensual effect overflowing with intense sunshine.

Creating yet another surprise, Thierry Mugler uses an innovative technical process, new to the fragrance sector: An open window on the box that continuously diffuses the notes of this unique scent, creating an instant fragrance experience. You will have to wait until May for this limited edition scent, when it will be available at Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom stores nationwide.

AngelMEN Coffee

It’s been nearly a decade since Thierry Mugler introduced his first fragrance for men. AngelMEN made waves with an overdose of intense, contrasting substances: patchouli, coffee and vanilla. His newest men’s scent AngelMEN Pure Coffee is bound to cause a ‘stir’. The fragrance is based on the strong aroma of Arabica coffee beans. The packaging uses the same brilliant open window box, created for Alien, to diffuse the java inspired fragrance.

Beauty News spritzed four finicky men with this scent; all of them loved it. And headed straight to Joe’s,The Art of Coffee in Soho. Available at Bloomingdales and Nordstrom in Mid April.

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