Mmm Baby, You Smell Good!


Picture a twinkling-eyed baby with soft peaches and cream skin, cooing as mommy carefully wraps her bundle of joy in a silky blanket. The soothing scents of blooming lavender for naptime, ivory white powder easing little bottoms and warm milk easily relaxes nerves anytime of the day. It’s no wonder that even into adulthood, women still yearn to not only be pampered with gentle massages at their favorite spas, but desire to capture the sweet memories of childhood in a bottle. For decades, women in Latin America would sprinkle drops of Agustin Reyes’ Royal Violets before a night out, ensuring that their daytime troubles would instantly evaporate and be replaced with notes of dusty violets and bergamots. Shoppers today can still channel their inner child with grown up fragrances that smell like babies, but made for women. Check out our top three must-haves for reliving your youth.

Want to smell as clean as a “freshly powdered baby’s behind?” Now you can, without the fuss and unwanted mess of the real thing. Demeter fragrances, known for capturing the scents of everyday objects, ranging from the yummy (Mojitos) to the weird (Dirt), takes inspiration from Johnson & Johnson. The company’s famous Italian talc, originally used to calm irritation, became all the rage during the late 1800’s for its sweet, clean scent that all mothers desire for their little ones. Baby Powder by Demeter is just that, a cologne spray that smells exactly like the real deal. While it does start off sharp and overpowering for sensitive noses, it quickly fades, leaving you feeling out the shower clean. Even while sweating bullets at the gym, you can still catch sudden whiffs of this classic scent.

Available: Duane Reade and

Perfumer Lyn Harris was smitten over the delicate white tuberose flowers, and yet Noix de Tubereuse by Miller Harris conjures images of golden-era Hollywood mothers, like actress Lana Turner, who often wore a similar fragrance. However, one doesn’t need to be a screen siren to feel just as sensual. Noix de Tubereuse, which features notes of tuberose from the fields of Grasse, as well as creamy musk, blooming violets, and Tonka bean (similar to vanilla), it’s also reminiscent of soft and comforting baby cologne from Spain. While you’ll feel as if you bathed with violet petals, do note that like the pleasant splash it could have taken a cue from, a little goes a long way. Noix de Tubereuse takes center stage in even the most spacious rooms and last well into the night.

Shop: MiN New York, 117 Crosby Street,

Do you know what heaven smells like? According to skincare and beauty line Philosophy, it would be of babies and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to feel like a giggling cherub splashing its wings on the fountain of youth? Baby Grace is, as many shoppers describe it, a “cuddle in a bottle”, and a quick fix for those days when you want to just nuzzle against your favorite terry robe. When all you have time for is a quick shower, spray on this bouquet of soft California poppy, violet leaf, as well as pink pepper and soft white woods. Whenever you need some TLC, mist your body with Baby Grace and your prayers will immediately be answered.

Available: Sephora stores and

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