New and NOTEWORTHY 2008: The Year of Good ‘Scents’


Your Christmas stockings might have been overflowing with bottles of your signature perfume, but if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to make a big life change, why not start with fragrance? Shock your friends and family by changing things up and cause a few heads to turn in your direction. With this month’s New and Noteworthy fragrances, BN will have you starting off 2008 with a splash – or rather, a spritz.

Just when we thought we were OVER vanilla, Guerlain debuts the spectacular Limited Edition Spiriteuse Double Vanille, a slightly spicy, sweet and yes, ‘spirited’ blend of pure vanilla pod, fruity pink peppercorn, and fresh bergamot. Spiriteuse Double Vanille has a boozy quality, as if a whole vanilla pod was left soaking for weeks in a glass of Grey Goose.All we can say is hurry; it may be gone before the base notes fade (we bought an heir and a spare). Available at Bergdorf Goodman

Perfect for the busy woman on the go, Lily Lambert’s fragrance, Pavo, is packaged in a purse ready Roll-On Perfume Oil. Named after Juno’s (Roman mythology’s leading lady) favorite pet– the gorgeous peacock (and the eponymous constellation of stars), Pavo is a soft, sensual, and commanding fragrance. Blackcurrant and peach are followed by notes of carnation, mandarin orange and cinnamon. Prefer, a spray? Pavo is also available as an Eau de Parfume Spray. Visit

Maria McElroy, the indie perfumer behind the brand Aroma M, (MM has created such memorable fragrances as Geisha Rouge and O-Cha), is now the fifth perfumer commissioned by for their “Untitled” series of fragrances, which is inspired by the idea of fragrance as blank canvases, on which perfumers “paint.” Five may be the lucky number for this series, as Untitled #5, its one of the best scents in the series to date. #5 is a sweet delight of Japanese inspired treats-candied chestnuts and brandy notes dominate, but nuances of tobacco, clove and honeysuckle add sophistication.

If becoming more environmentally conscious is one of your resolutions for 2008, Strange Invisible Perfumes may be the right fragrance destination for you. Completely natural and purely botanical, these perfumes are created using essential oils of flowers, plants and resins. SIP produces their own ingredients like vanilla, saffron, and frankincense, to ensure that products are chemical-free and meet the highest of standards. Their latest fragrance Tropical Vial is true to its name; the scent of the tropics in a vial. Evoking the ripeness of a perfectly ripened mango, notes of mango intertwine with jasmine, basil and musk. Our resolution? Book a flight to Fiji. Available at

After Fiji, make Bali your next destination. Mistral’s Balinese Vanilla Eau de Parfum, which combines the warm, comforting notes of vanilla with a complexity of spices from Indonesia. This Eastern mystery is an olfactory journey where geranium, amber, exotic woods and the irresistibly charming patchouli seamlessly enhance Balinese Vanilla. Available at

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