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It’s over…summer that is. And just like those white linens that suddenly look like a “fashion don’t”, your summer fragrances have also lost their appeal. Put away those beachy, sun ‘n sand, and summer love inspired scents and get ready for fall. We’ve got a line up of “must have” scents that will inspire you put away the sandals and pull out the pumps.

Happy Birthday Andy…

Timed right to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Andy Warhol’s birthday (can you believe???) is the launch of Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue, by Bond No. 9 an eau de parfum created in conjunction with The Warhol Foundation which is the third of their Warhol fragrances. This one recalls Warhol’s early years in the 1950’s when he lived at 242 Lexington Avenue, and as a struggling artist was hired to do shoe illustrations advertising the legendary I Miller Shoe Company. The fabulous, funky flacon shows off some of these ‘before their time’ illustrations.

As the bottle is right in step with today’s sensibilities, so is the fragrance. A perfect start for autumn is the blue cypress – so unusual to tease w/ a woody top note – as well as smoky fennel, a dash of cardamom and sweet roasted almonds. Those slide into pink peony, intoxicating orris and then tip-toe on crème brulee and pimento berry. Sensuous sandalwood soothes our senses while dark, sweet patchouli loafs around and reminds us why we love fall.

After testing this sexy scent on my DH, I d’Orsay he won’t stiletto me out of the house alone wearing it!

Available: exclusively Saks 5th Ave, and Bond No. 9 Stores, NYC

To celebrate the first birthday of the new Emilio Pucci Vivara fragrance, the company has created a limited edition bottle for fans of the legendary Prince of Prints. And this is definitely one to covet! Its silver curves are topped by the classic Vivara print done up in fuchsia, silver, black and white. What’s inside doesn’t disappoint either. The green floral fragrance with playful notes of Galbanum adds lightness, and has a sheer freshness with a sweet touch of amaretto accord. Some jasmine, narcissus and orange flower are its heart and it later drifts to vetiver and patchouli.

Available: Saks 5th Ave, Neiman Marcus,

We love indie perfumers…

Orris Noir by Ormonde Jayne defies description. Surely, I can give you the notes, and I will, in a moment. Typically, when testing a variety of scents from one perfumer it’s always easy for me to quickly sort out the ones I don’t care for, but with Ormonde Jayne, it was an almost impossible task. I spent two weeks spritzing, sniffing and sticking my wrist in front of the nose of husband and friends trying to select a favorite. In future columns, I’ll tell you about some others, but for now, the stage belongs to Orris Noir, the one that haunts me most, but only in the best way.

From London, the Ormande Jayne line is created by Linda J. Pilkington and sold in her shop on Bond Street. The perfumer uses many specialty oils not widely used in today’s perfume industry and owes her success to her commitment to quality and luxury. Orris Noir, a dark and spicy oriental, opens with captivating notes of davana, pink pepper, cardamom, coriander and bergamot. From there we get to the heart of iris, sambac absolute, pimento berries and bay. Lastly, spices of patchouli, Chinese cedar, and myrrh make for an enticing perfume that is definitely not for shrinking violets!


Is there a gene in British women that make them such intriguing perfumers? Or do they possess a special sense of romance that speaks to our deepest passions? It certainly seems that way. Another Brit from across the pond, but now a transplanted New Yorker, is the sweet and spirited Sarah Barton-King with her heavenly Pink Room signature fragrances. My favorite, Parfum Pour Toi, blended in Grasse, France is a smoky and flirtatious blend that she says acknowledges Colette, yet is really about the Gigi in all of us. Arriving in a package almost too precious to unwrap, the perfume’s initial notes of lemon, blackcurrant and grapefruit warm up to rose, fleur de melati and lily of the valley and finally morph into a heady sandalwood, vanilla and white musk that is perfect for fall. Absolutely romantically delicious!

Available: Takashimaya, 5th Ave, NYC, Scent Bar, LA and

Still love the classics…

I love it when a classic gets even better. Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, created by Jacques Polge has been a favorite of many since its launch in 2001. A fresh oriental with a sparkling top note, rich spicy accents and a warm sexy musk was created for the woman who wanted a spirited and younger interpretation that the classic Coco fragrance. For those who can’t get enough of a good thing, Chanel now introduces Coco Mademoiselle Shimmering Touch, a scented bath gel that leaves a delightful shimmer on skin that’s perfect to show off some skin under your new fall fashions. Also, the new Twist and Spray Eau de Parfum comes packaged in a portable little white pearlized spray bottle with gold trim, that fits perfectly into your favorite handbag. And so that you don’t run out, it comes with two additional refill vials.

Available: Fine Department Stores, Chanel, NYC and

An Exotic Oriental…

From the collection Les Orientales by one of our favorite perfumers, Annick Goutal, fall welcomes Ambre Fetiche, a unique amber interpretation mixed with subtle hints of frankincense and resins labdanum and styrax. This sensuous combination moves on to the sweetness of benzoin and powdery iris extract and finishes by enveloping us in the scent of vanilla and Russian leather. This opulent scent is a perfect welcome to autumn leaves.

Available: Saks 5th Ave, Bloomingdales,

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