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She’s cool, she digs jazz, and she talks of the Cotton Club like she was there. (as if!) She knows how to get to Carnegie Hall, and for her the word “notes” easily brings music to her ears as well to her olfactory senses. The perfect gift for her: the Bond No 9 West Side Candle. As hot as a devil in a red dress and decorated with a bold treble clef, the scent notes of this candle will stir her creativity to make her own melody. Opening notes of rose, ylang ylang and peony, then hit the high notes of sandalwood and amber, and finally show off lasting riffs of vanilla and musk. Buy this for her, and she won’t sing the blues. The candle comes with a bon-bon of the scent to spray on herself. Valentine GWP special: Spend $200. and get a free West Side pocket spray, a $55. value. Cool deal!

Available: Bond No9 Boutiques, and

Black and White is always in fashion, and this Valentine’s Day, be au courant with Tom Ford. In a sleek black jar with art deco style ribbing, the Black Orchid Body Cream is finally here! Last winter I wore the perfume all season and kept hoping that a body cream would be created. Recently launched, this velvety and emollient cream is highly infused with the signature scent of black truffle, vanilla, spicy incense, and warm sandalwood. Saturated enough to enjoy alone or layer on top of the original fragrance if you want him to follow you anywhere!

In sculptural white opal glass is Tom Ford White Patchouli. I’ve been a fan of the heady patchouli scent forever, and this fragrance elevates it to a higher feminine sensibility while still holding on to its earthy beauty. It opens with a sparkle of bergamot and then dances with peony, rose and night blooming jasmine and softly finishes with sensual eastern incense. The traditionally dark and deep patchouli is now more lighthearted, but still filled with character.

Available: Fine Department stores and

Some perfume bottles are beautiful enough to keep on the dresser even when the contents are finished. This limited edition bottle of Givenchy Ange ou Demon Eau de Parfum, designed by Serge Mansau and decorated with Swarovski crystal elements is one of them. But the fragrance inside is even more enchanting. The provocative feminine scent is an oriental floral that opens with mandarin and saffron and has a heart of lily, orchid and ylang ylang, and finishes with a lingering rosewood, tonka and vanilla. When I asked my husband, who adores my perfumes, though doesn’t know a tonka bean from a green bean, what he thought of it, he said, “This is a scent a woman should wear when she’s naked”. Now that’s an endorsement for a Valentine’s gift!


Take a chance on love, but don’t take a chance on finding the right gift. From Chanel, the latest incarnation of Chance is the new Chance Eau Fraiche. The youngest in spirit of the Chanel collection, Eau Fraiche is sure to please anyone who’s young at heart. Try the shower gel, followed by the moisturizing body cream and feel soft while being softly scented all day!

Available: Fine Department stores and

If the thought of an organic perfume makes you think of Birkenstocks when you’d rather be dreaming of Birkin bags, then Ambre Organic Perfume by Patyka is about to blow the lid off that crunchy myth. From France, Patyka blends natural ingredients to create luxurious scents. Ambre Perfume is a warm, heady fragrance that opens with soft vanilla which then softly saunters onto bergamot that’s very sensual and long lasting. Patyka uses only organic materials from fair trade suppliers and their products are certified Eco-Cert. The perfect gift for the natural girl!

Available: Patyka 33 Carmine St, NYC or

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