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Profumum Keeps it in the Family

One of my most favorite things about the origin of a scent is learning the history or story behind it. I was immediately attracted to the new cult Italian fragrance line Profumum not only for its rich history, but also because the line of eight gorgeous scents is exotic and truly unique in body and texture.

The story of Profumum began in the small Italian town of Sant Elena Sannita, where Celestino Durante, worked as knife cutter. He and his wife instilled within their children the pride of good craftsmanship. After surviving World War II, Celestino moved his family to Rome, where they opened a small shop, which eventually blossomed into a chain of stores selling handmade soaps and other beauty products. In 1996, his grandchildren started the exclusive Profumum fragrance line. Today they pay homage to Celestino by placing bronze statues of a knife cutter in their boutiques throughout Rome.

Channeling emotions and memories with names like Acqua e Zucchero, Acqua di Sale, Antico Caruso, Thundra, Fiore d’Ambra, Patchouly, Santalum, and Ichnusa, the scents exhibit both sweet citrusy notes of orange blossom, cool aromas of salt and marine algae, as well as warm tones of fig-tree wood and amber. My two personal faves are Antico Caruso, a clean smelling blend of citrus, sandalwood, and almond, and Fiore d’Ambra, warmed with heavy notes of amber, giving way to soothing opium. Distinct, but not overpowering, this scent is a must-have for the fall season. It truly inspires the earthy palette of fall foliage and the wafting aroma of hearth fires on cool evenings. Acqua e Zucchero is a dreamy combination of orange blossom, wild berries and vanilla notes. A little whiff of this ambrosial scent is probably the closest your olfactory senses will get to Heaven.

Profumum fragrances are available exclusively at and retail for $180.

Juicy, Juice…Couture, Couture…

Is it just me or has Juicy Couture spread its wings and finally moved beyond those matchy-matchy velour tracksuits and into the realm of real fashion royalty? Hooray, everything from their new line of shoes to their party dresses is totally wearable and gorgeous to boot!

Adding to their flirtatious fashion empire, Juicy Couture founders Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy have also recently thrown their hats into the ring with the launch of their first women’s fragrance, Juicy Couture.

Inspired by the ladies’ deep love of Paris, and their fresh, youthful take on Marie Antoinette, haute couture, and decadence itself, the scent packs an irresistible punch. Bravo ladies! Thank you for creating a scent with a free spirit and light heart. Fragrance need not be a matter of life and death and in an industry where people tend to take themselves way too seriously, I can appreciate what the Juicy girls have done here. They’ve managed to channel their sense of fun into a fragrance and make the packaging just as delightful as the scent itself.

Overall playful yet striking, the scent is every pretty young thing’s dream with mouthwatering top notes of watermelon, mandarin, and pink passion fruit blended with fresh marigold and green apple and topped off with water hyacinth and crushed leaves. Middle notes of tuberose, wild rose, and princess lily open to a delicious base of caramel crème brulee and vanilla with precious woods and finally patchouli rounding it out. The classic decanter is fabulous in fun way, dripping with the signature Juicy Couture charms: a padlock heart, crown, or rhinestone “J” that can also work as necklaces. Along with the eau de parfum, the Juicy Couture Bath and Body Collections also feature shower gels, bath salts, candles, and body crèmes.

I received rave reviews at a dinner party recently, where my tablemates were dying to know what scent made me smell so divine. I replied, “C’est Juicy!”

The Juicy Couture Fragrance Collection is available at Bloomingdale’s locations nationwide.

La Dolce Vita Returns

Debuting this month from eponymous fashion house Tocca, is a trio of eau de parfums: Touch, Florence, and Stella. Touch is a reinvention and was one of the original Tocca beauty products. Sweet and floral on top with notes of pomegranate and Tahitian tiare flower, elegantly mingle with Egyptian balsam, jasmine, and heady gardenia, drying down with a subtle base note of sandalwood. Florence echoes the magic world of the 1950s Italian diva, romantic and unpredictable, notes of Italian bergamot underscore blue iris and fiercely feminine crushed violet petals are balanced out by bottom notes of blonde wood and skin musk. While Stella is a moody scent with a striking top note of bitter and blood orange, paired with white freesia and wild diamond orchids, and spicy lily creates an exotic tone softened by enduring notes of sheer musk and sandalwood.

Touch, Florence and Stella are available at select U.S. stores nationwide. For more information visit,

SJP’s Newest Scent Accessory

Forever the style icon, Sarah Jessica Parker has launched Liquid Satin, an innovative, silicone-laced, alcohol-free formula that takes the Lovely fragrance and reinvents it for your skin. Liquid Satin is composed of top notes of fresh mandarin, rosewood, lavender, and apple martini layered with notes of patchouli, creamy orchid, and smoldering cedar, white amber, and musk. The Liquid Satin serum spray dries on skin with a delicate soft finish and is perfect for layering after a bath or shower or simply for dabbing on your pulse points. The serum spray, which closely resembles the original egg-shaped design of the eau de parfum bottle, also comes in a serum wand, an adorably chic gold pen small enough to slip into your purse for travel touch ups.

Lovely Liquid Satin is available at department stores including Nordstrom’s nationwide.

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