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Anticipation of the green season is in the air, and with it comes a fresh sense of optimism and transformation. Banana Republic Wildbloom Vert Eau de Parfum does its effervescent part with a celebration of lush, saturated Violet leaves, brightened by sparkling crisp pear and apple notes. Richly-textured Gardenia and Magnolia are present too, wrapped in soft, transparent blooms of peach, while raw, textured Teak and Sandalwood are perfected for today through soft, silky musks. If green is good, Wildbloom Vert is even better: spontaneous, chipper, and effortlessly vibrant. (Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the fragrance was developed by world-renowned perfumer Ilias Ermenidis of Firmenich, a nose with a passion for fragrances of the “lively” and “green” variety.) Available exclusively at Banana Republic stores.

Let it be known and noted: Love is best kept a beautifully solid affair. Prolong the strength of that romance and take it with you wherever you go, with the Love, Chloé limited edition travel-size rose-gold flacon of (complete with two refill vials). This luxurious, powdery scent is a favorite of mine: it’s both innocent and sensual, with an intensely inviting, highly wearable, get-close presence. Available for a limited time only, exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue February 2012, and at Sephora beginning March 2012.

The sisters who founded Collection Eau de Nous wanted their fragrance concept to reflect a simple, natural ease: high quality and broad appeal, without the often dreaded prohibitive price point. They’ve succeeded, with four easy yet elegant compositions, inspired by scents that reminded Daya and Vally Fernandez of their childhood in Puerto Rico: Bebe Breeze, Citrus Charm, Jasmine Joy, and Gardenia Gift; at least one (though likely more) will appeal to most. Exuding effortless joy and simple sophistication,the nature-inspired scents are all easy on the nose, the wallet, and the general public; i.e., they are quite friendly, non-intimidating, and non-threatening: a yellow happy face sticker of a scent, grinning joyfully upon your skin. Available online at

Though not technically new, Escada’s latest launch into permanence is counterintuitively just the perfect thing for the chill of February. Dead of winter got you dragging and down? Could you use a quick burst of playfulness to set your sagging spirit free from the doldrums? Enter Especially Escada, like rose-tinted glasses in a beautiful, squarish bottle. Especially Escada features the luxurious, dewy sparkle of a rose accord, tempered with just a hint of exotica (that’s a top note of pear touched by ambrette seed and ylang-ylang, then kissed with musks, in case you’re curious). Lighthearted and modern, this deliciously joyful scent retains a glamourous glow inside and out, and exhibits a touch of vintage appeal. Translation? Especially Escada is as pink as it is upon first impression: sophisticated yet soft, and charmingly, unfailingly feminine. Available at Sephora and online at

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