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This season, use the scorching weather to your advantage; high temperatures intensify fragrances. In the case of Manuel Canovas: Route Mandarine, the heat infuses the scent to linger like a whisper with a mysterious je ne sais quoi spicy/sweet decadence. Inspired by textiles of the Katsura design and intricate Japanese watercolor of White Iris, Manuel Canovas, an internationally acclaimed fabric house, has created this unique fragrance, which balances Egyptian Geranium, Bulgarian Rose, vanilla, cinnamon, orange and white musk with perfection. Although invisible, perfume is an accessory that sums up the entire look. In this case, sophistication and charisma seep through the French fragrance. Available at


The Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto collection bottles the scent of summer. Shine, Charms, and Dream make up a medley of three fragrances that must have sunshine as the main ingredient. The fruity-floral Incanto Shine highlights pineapple, passion fruit and bergamot notes first. As it settles onto skin, freesia, pink peony and white cedar wood evoke playful sensuality. Incanto Charms seduces subtly with honeysuckle, jasmine, roses and white musk; making it a perfect fragrance for a lunch date. Finally, Incanto Dream enchants with a unique combination of sandalwood mixed with black currant, mango and apple notes. These fresh, light perfumes make flirting unnecessary, as they speak on their own. Available at


The difference between walking into a room and making an entrance is Narcotic by Strange Invisible Perfume. Even a small amount of this perfume sends a message of power and ownership. The woodsy aroma adjusts to the body chemistry of the wearer, creating a unique fragrance by expressing pure essential oils of lemon, tuberose, magnolia, sandalwood and vanilla. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to reveal the true nature of the fragrance. Scientists have shown that fragrance stimulates the brain and stores memories – wearing Narcotic ensures that you will not be forgotten. Available at


If you cannot visit the tropical isles, indulge in Creed Virgin Island Water, a unisex fragrance inspired by a sailing adventure near Ginger Island (part of the Virgin Islands). Initially, the essence of tangy lime dominates, yet it is the coconut, ginger, hibiscus and ylang-ylang notes that evolve with time. The fragrance in only defined when sugar cane, white rum, and musk come through. Like any adventure, the perfume surprises with familiar and simultaneously exotic bouquet of scents. When you purchase a bottle, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Natural Resources Defense Council, a charity that protects the world’s oceans. Available at


Good things come in small packages, just look at De-Frazzle perfume oil. The one-third ounce roll-on can pass for a lip gloss; its small size makes it a perfect addition to any purse. Dab some on the pulse points and inhale jasmine, sandalwood, amber and refined vanilla beans as they form a sensual, sweet aura. Each note fuses together for a delicate, enticing scent. Within seconds after application, stress begins to fade (maybe it’s psychological, but I swear it works). Wear De-Frazzle and you’ll dazzle, not to mention smell fresh. Available at


Kisses from sunshine must feel like Dior Bronze Sweet Sun. Each application evokes softness and pleasure with its sweet, mild formula. This alcohol-free fragrance is gentle enough to be worn in direct sunlight and since it’s enriched with anti-oxidizing Vitamin E, you get additional defense against sun-aging when combined with sunscreen. Inspired by light therapy (a procedure that uses light to causes a biochemical change in the brain to enhance your disposition), the perfume integrates an ingredient responsible for the natural secretion of endorphins to promote energy and positive mood. The combination of mandarin, jasmine, ginger, musk and vanilla create a sensation of a sunbath immersion. Massage it in after a shower or spray for a mid-day pick-me-up.

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