O my love’s like a red, red rose
Rose Inspired Valentine’s Day Fragrances


Just like chocolate, romantic love songs, and Cupid, roses are synonymous with Valentine’s Day. Since the beginning of time, the rose has been considered the ultimate symbol of love and beauty and was even sacred to Greek and Roman goddesses. Whether you’re spending your Valentine’s snuggled up to your significant other, or you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling, these rose inspired fragrances are sure to warm your heart.

If you’ve always wanted to be floating in a bath tub full of roses a la American Beauty, you are sure to enjoy REN’s Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil. Although petals are not included, the scent is pure, natural rose. However, it might be a little too innocent for V-Day, which is why I would recommend the sexier smelling REN’s Rosa Maya Eau de Parfum. It contains notes of citrus, spices, and musk in addition to the fresh floral scent of rose, which made me feel a little bit nice but a lot more naughty. Use the bath oil to relax before your date, but spritz on the Rosa Maya to heat things up.

Available at: http://www.renskincare.com and Barney’s New York.

Those who enjoy feminine, floral scents, but avoid anything overwhelming will fall deeply for Thyme’s Kimono Rose collection. The sensuous, flirty scent of rose, magnolia, and sweet clementine practically screams “Be Mine,” but it’s the additional little blend of vanilla that is the icing on the cake. A nice switch from the regular perfumes, the luxe body crème is silky and smooth, and still leaves its pleasant scent. Long lasting and charming, Thyme’s Kimono Rose will make you feel as pretty as it smells.

Available at: http://www.thymes.com and Bloomingdale’s at 1000 Third Avenue.

The Soap and Paper Factory has an array of wonderful, yummy products in their Rosewood Collection, but the Body Scrub is, dare I say…. simply orgasmic. At fist whiff, it smells a little like those lemon crème filled cookies from the grocery store, but once I used the product, it gave way to a softer flowery scent. I was more so impressed by the actual texture of the product which, as opposed to being scratchy, looked and felt like fine sugar (I admit, I was almost tempted to give it a taste) and left my skin much more touchable. The gorgeous packaging makes this product a perfect Valentine’s Day gift, and the recyclable box is attractive enough to double as a little jewelry or makeup holder.

Available at http://www.soapandpaperfactory.com

Straight from left coast, ElizabethW perfumes of San Francisco bring us their Rose Eau de Parfum which can be best described by my sister who, upon entering my room, exclaimed “whoa, who got a bundle of flowers?” With notes of wild rose and a hint of berries, the strong scent starts out a bit intimidating but fades into a delicate sweetness. Both the bottle and the fragrance reminds me of classic, old-Hollywood glam, like something you would spray on before climbing into bed wearing a long pink nightgown. The scent might be a little too floral and girly for single ladies looking to attract Prince Charming, and would probably worked best as a day fragrance, but the travel size bottle is perfect for accompanying you on a spontaneous romantic rendezvous.

Available at: http://www.elizabethw.com

When it comes to beauty, my mom follows the rule “the more natural, the better,” which is why I thought it would be fun to test out Space.NK’s Hand Wash on her one morning. Just as I thought, she loved the subtle smell of coconut and sugar. Surprisingly, at first, the fragrance is citrusy and sweet like candy, but eventually warms to a more floral rose and geranium scent, while leaving skin soft and clean. Low maintenance ladies, like my mom, will love the no-frills but sweet appeal of this product.

Available at http://www.spacenk.com and Bloomingdale’s.

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