Our SCENT-sational Holiday Gift Guide!

What to give her in this not-so-merry time? No matter her clothing size, or your wallet size, the gift of fragrance is always welcomed. While your favorite peeps and relatives might be holding back on buying themselves something new; getting a gift of fragrance is one of life’s little luxuries that always make people feel special. And that’s what the holidays are all about, aren’t they?

Clear the air…..

The gift of a candle can be so cliché…..except when it’s a really special one that shows you’ve searched hard to find one that really captures their fancy. Whether it matches their home décor or their inner self, giving a beautiful perfumed candle will always cast you in a special light.

For the oh-so-elegant on your list is a trio of candles in three different fragrances by English perfumer Ormond Jayne. Simple and chic looking, and highly scented with fragrance that was escaping from the beautiful box before even being opened, these small in size, yet big on fragrance mini candles fill the air with Ormonde Jayne’s exquisite scents. Each candle will burn at least 18 hours. Select your favorite trio of scents. $72.00 Available: http://www.ormondejayne.com

If music and art bring them joy, then bring them this special piece from Joya, Perfume in Porcelain. Ceramic artist Sarah Cihat creates an angled matte black porcelain piece with a subtle black gloss violin and lute motif that’s filled with a black candle that’s beautifully scented with Jasmine Absinthe and Sugar. Burn time is 75 hours and when the candle is used up, the handmade in NYC holder remains as a beautiful sculptural porcelain object d’art. $48.00 Available: Barneys NY and http://www.barneys.com

If she’s spiritual and one with the universe…..or would like to be….and she’s always jotting down inspirational little notes to herself on bits of paper then this set from Nima Nyima will talk to her. She’ll enjoy the fragrant blue poppy candle with turquoise stones which symbolize blue heaven and protects from misfortune, along with an adorable bamboo notebook and a pretty silk amulet to wear around her neck. $42.00 Available at Dean and Deluca and http://www.nimanyama.com

Fragrance that’s haute haute haute….

She’s your go-to girl when you need a GPS system to navigate the who’s who on the haute highway of fashion and fragrance. She can give you the history of every notable designer, describe their signature piece and tell you who’s their daddy. Don’t mess with her holiday gift cupcake! It’s got to be “a name” and it better be a good one!

Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle, the ex-Parisian, now New Yorker (and nephew of filmmaker Louis) supports the creative concept of true perfumers perfecting their art. From perfumer Dominique Ropion, is Carnal Flower named for Malle’s aunt, Candice Bergen. It’s an exquisite fragrance that brings the scent of tuberose to new heights. I’m not generally a fan of tuberose, but this scent is just damn sexy, yet not overpowering. I got extremely positive feedback from all those around me at a recent soiree. Your lucky friend will also love the high tech, high quality black aluminum tube container that can be easily refilled with new vials. $250.00 for the holder and three vials. Available: Barney’s NY, Madison Ave, and http://www.barneys.com

Fashion legend Yves St. Laurent died earlier this year, but the man who created Le Tuxedo for women, was also a legend in fragrances. His latest Elle by YSL, is the essence of femininity with a blend of floral and woody notes that include peony, pink berries and a subtle hint of patchouli. The Gift Set, consisting of eau de parfum, body lotion and shower gel comes in a beautiful black box with a cummerbund band which reminds us of the fashion rule breaking that is credited to the master couturier. $80.00 Available: Fine Department Stores, http://www.yslbeautyus.com

She adores Dior, so she’ll love J’Adore L’Absolu. The well loved scent of rose, tuberose, and ylang ylang is now available in solid perfume that’s easy to take everywhere. The pretty gold compact comes in a satin pouch that will look as chic as the designer handbag it goes into. $82.00 Available: Saks and http://www.saks.com

Pretty and portable………

As cute as a button, and sure to put a smile on her face is Daisy, Marc Jacobs Solid Perfume Necklace. The white enameled daisy necklace – a follow up piece to last year’s Daisy ring – slides open to reveal the namesake perfume so she can quickly dab a little extra on when Mr-You-Know-Who comes walking by. It’s housed in a zippered gold leather holder that’ll double as a change purse. $35.00 Available: Fine department stores and http://www.sephora.com

In Medieval times, les Madames et les Monsieurs de Provence wore pomanders around their necks filled with scents of musk or amber which legend claims protected the wearer and gave them magical powers. In today’s time, maybe wearing this Mini Pomander by L’Occitane en Provence will protect the 401K from falling? Hey, anything’s worth a try! Douse the ceramic ball with your favorite L’Occitane fragrance and create your own magic. $20.00 Available: L’Occitane Stores and http://www.loccitane.com

She loves the container as much as what’s inside……

Your favorite cook will think you’re her personal sugar plum fairy when you give her this sweet little Recipe Box from Philosophy. Inside the fifties inspired box are three 2 oz bottles of the most deelish smelling shower gel ever – Red Velvet Cake, Sweet Creamy Frosting and Strawberry Shortcake. She’ll be tempted to do some baking herself after sniffing this gift. No worry’s, it comes with the recipes for all three of these confections tucked inside the reusable box. Hey, no one really likes fruitcake anyway! $18.00 Available: http://www.philosphy.com

In a restaurant, I often order my main dish based on what comes with it. Well, some women oohh and aahh the bag the product comes in as much as they fuss over the product itself. For that girl on your list, this rich brown satin bag with cranberry faux patent leather trim will make her smile. The Pure Simple Wishes Gift Set from Mark, comes with an eau de toilette spray and a body soufflé cream in Pure scent, which is inspired by the clean scent of ivory soap with a squeeze of citrus that leaves a lingering fresh scent. $25.00 http://www.meetmark.com

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