Performers to Perfumers:
This Season’s Scent-illating Fragrances


They sing. They groove. And apparently, they dabble in perfumery now and again? Lately, soulful singers Jessica Simpson, Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez and Queen Latifah are all spending a little less time in the recording studio – and a little more time playing mad scientist with essential oils. It seems that a spine tingling set of vocals, platinum records, and a dash of fame, are all it takes to succeed in mixing up this season’s newest popular scents. (Well that, and hefty bank account).

These five female crooners are releasing new fragrances in late summer and early fall. Hey, who says performers can’t be perfumers too? (I’ll admit I was dubious at first, too). But with accords of sensuous florals, creamy ambers, and rich dark chocolates to name a few, these fragrances have topped my Billboard 100.

Here’s your inside sniff:

Jessica Simpson’s romantic, sensual Fancy Love fragrance hit the shelves in July 2009 – awkwardly just in time for her heart-breaking split from Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo, in fact. Despite this, the playful, whimsical scent hits the high notes with peach blossom, bergamot, goji leaf, and pink champagne.
Available: Macy’s;

Avril Lavigne introduced her first fragrance Black Star this past August. Crisp green pear, pink hibiscus flower, black plum, and dark chocolate mingle to fuse both floral and fruity flavors. Quite frankly, the bottle intimidates me. But those moody, teen-angst types are sure to love its edgy look and energetic scent. Could this be the consumer break-through that Avril needs to gain back her popularity? Probably not. But the bottle’s removable spiked silver accent will win some over because voilà¡! – you now have an à¼ber-fashionable rockstar ring!

Available: Kohl’s,

Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies are my personal favorites among these five diva scents. And the band’s leading lady is no stranger to the perfumery game – she’s already released a handful of other scents over the years. But that hasn’t stopped her from stepping it up with her latest concoctions. These new fragrances, as well as the quirky limited edition scents are No Doubt just as fun as the rocker herself. With names like Love, Lil’ Angel, G, Music, and Baby, the five Snow Bunnies are painfully, yet delightfully cutesy. My personal favorite, G, unites crisp mandarin, apple skin, and fresh coconut (come on, who can resist a Pina Colada-esque scent?)
Available: Macys, Nordstrom, and Sephora;,

Intimate and feminine, My Glow from Jennifer Lopez is a stark contrast to the one-time “Jenny from the Block”. The fragrance of lavender flower, water lily, white rose, and milky sandalwood is a soft and intimate tribute to the singer’s new role as a mother. Make sure to stake out your bottle of this fresh, light scent when it makes its debut in October 2009.
Available: Department stores and

Who would’ve thought one could bottle the dynamism and presence of a woman such as Queen Latifah? Her fragrance Queen is exactly that – bold, sultry, and undeniably empowering. Boasting notes of italian bergamot, mediterranean mandarin, baie rose, and cognac, the fragrance is a captured confidence and sensuality waiting to bust out of that sexy, red bottle. Don’t overdo it though – too much Queen will leave others gasping for air in your wake.

Available: Macy’s;

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