Perfumes With A Heart

A red dress, a rose, and giving are all symbolic of Valentine’s Day, and Perfumania and the Five Star Fragrance Company have covered all three with their new fragrance Red Dress. All of the net proceeds from sales of will be donated to the American Heart Association since heart disease is the greatest threat to women in the U.S. This unique fragrance was developed by master perfumers at Givaudan, and contains rose petals, mandarine, jasmine, linden blossom, freesia, musk, iris, sandalwood, and bergamot. Its base notes are both feminine and strong, and its effect is uplifting. George William Curtis said “The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose,” a sentiment that was taken to heart with with the creation of this fragrant gift to women. Available exclusively at through July 2006.

For something extra special and luxurious at Valentine’s Day, consider the latest in Editions de Parfums from Frederic Malle. His intent to showcase “designer perfumers” and give them full latitude with their creations has resulted in an extraordinary collection of fragrant masterpieces. The latest, from Jean-Claude Ellena, is called L’Eau d’Hiver and is based around white heliotrope, bergamot, angelica, iris hawthorn, jasmine, carnation, caramel, musk, and honey. It was designed to be splashed on liberally like a cologne, and it’s so warm and soft that the temptation is truly to douse yourself in it. Call 888-8-BARNEYS.

Another gift with origins in France is the grape, in all of its fragrant sweetness. Last month we featured an extensive view of the Caudalie line and now that our focus is solely on fragrance, it’s only fitting to mention Caudalie’s Fleur de Vigne Fragrance, which is a light aromatherapy spray with energizing and moisturizing properties. Culled from the grape flower blossom, it’s married with mandarin, grapefruit, bergamot, sandalwood, cedar, grape and orange essence for a romantic lift. Available at or or call 866-826-1615.

The SCO scent from Theresa Ma is a result of frequent inquiries about the unique scent found in her line of skincare products, which are treasured by Jennifer Connelly and Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas. SCO is a crisp, modern scent with very delicate floral undertones. Theresa Ma included green foliage, amber, mosses, musks, basil, bergamot, lily of the valley, citrus fruits, peonies and freesia in this distinctive blend. Her store is located at 230 Mulberry Street in New York, 212-966-3011, and SCO is also available at Barney’s New York or at

Falling In Love by Philosophy captures all of the magic of falling love in a bottle, complete with shimmer spray in the fragrance. The Falling In Love shimmer set includes body cream, and the fragrance is feminine, fresh, and as exciting as its namesake. Vanilla, blackberry, musk, and florals comprise this aromatic wink to love. The shimmer aspect will feel like pixie dust to those who have given their heart away this Valentine’s Day. Philosophy’s State of Grace Solid Trio is a treat as well. These three purse-size fragrance solids are called amazing grace (crisp floral), baby grace (light, soft, fresh-smelling) and pure grace (soapy sower clean), and are perfect for those constantly on the go.

Too Faced’s fragrant Love Hangover is ideal as a nod this Valentine’s Day to the ups and downs and sideway veers on the rollercoaster of love. Packaged in an eye-popping pink and black bottle, this fragrance will be good for you the day after. Sweet, floral, and fresh, it just seems so…right. Another Valentine’s Day fragrance that puts the fun back in love is Dessert Beauty’s Taste, a lickable perfume that tastes like a confection of coconut, vanilla, honey, caramel, sugar, cotton candy, and just about everything that has ever tasted ultra-sweet and really, really delicious. Try it with someone!

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