Presenting: Krigler Chateau 12, Limited Edition Luxury Perfume

For the woman who wants only the best of everything; Krigler Perfumes has created a truly beautiful limited edition perfume bottle which houses a pure perfume version of the iconic fragrance, Chateau Krigler 12.

The exquisite bottle, hand painted by an Austrian artist, has strips of textured gold wrapping the bottle in an Art Nouveau style. The classic design, with the double K logo in the center, has a timeless appeal and will be a keepsake for generations to come. It’s sculptural, elegant and refillable. Additionally, each one is hand numbered to add to its exclusivity.

Inside the bottle is a pure perfume version of the legendary fragrance, Chateau Krigler 12 Parfum, which was created in 1912 and became one of Grace Kelly’s favorites. She even referred to it as her “lucky charm”, and since she started wearing it before becoming Princess of Monaco, it obviously was.

This timeless perfume smells so right for today and doesn’t have that “my grandmother would like it” scent. Any modern woman who appreciates perfume will fall in love with its gorgeous floral nose that includes lily of the valley, (which gives a bit of a green lift) mimosa, white musk, violet, and rose which pulls it all together as only a beautiful rose can. I’ve been wearing it to holiday parties this season and getting tons of compliments – even from NYC taxi drivers and we all know they’re a tough crowd!

Ben Krigler, great, great grandson of founder Albert Krigler, who runs the company today says about this luxurious limited edition, “I wanted to create something truly special for the holidays – an item that could be passed down from generation to generation, just like the fragrance recipes of my great-great grandfather.”

The limited edition Chateau Krigler 12 is a 1.7 ounce (50ml) bottle and costs $765.00 (refills available $465.00) and can be found at the Krigler Shop in New York’s Plaza Hotel, One West 58th St as well as

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