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With spring in high gear it’s time to officially move winter items to the storage closet – jackets, sweaters and even perfume. Winter perfume doesn’t always transfer well to the warmer months. Aedes de Venustas, a chic perfumery in New York’s West Village, sells a multitude of the hottest spring and summer scents. You’ll find everything from barely there smells to rich, woodsy scents.

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The [b]Anthousa Collection[/b] is known best for home fragrances but this spring they are offering personal body sprays in three delectable, nature-inspired scents: [b]Citrus Sorbet, Fig & Vetiver[/b] and [b]White Tuberose[/b]. Citrus Sorbet is a woodsy musk infused with the crisp freshness of lemon, mint and jasmine; it’s zesty without being overpowering, and perfect for the warm summer months. All three personal sprays are also available in perfume roller balls for the girl on the go.

For a darker, more exotic scent, [b]Parfum d’Empire[/b] launches [b]Ambre Russe[/b]. Based on historic events, top notes of champagne, vodka, tobacco and other spices give this perfume a sweet smell reminiscent of cognac and English gentlemen’s clubs. Although for women, Ambre Russe has a slightly masculine feel and might be too strong for some with its alcohol aroma.

After studying with skilled perfume makers for almost two decades, [b]Mona di Orio[/b] finally creates three of her own fragrances – [b]Nuit Nior, Lux[/b] and [b]Carnation[/b]. Nuit Noir is a tribute to famous scenteur Serge Lutens. Spicy and mysterious Nuit Noir is heavier than most spring perfumes but the orange top notes give it a feminine flair. With a slightly oriental smell, Nuit Noir is exotic without being overwhelming.

Unlike his other more oriental odors, [b]Serge Lutens’ Gris Clair[/b] is cleaner and subtler. With lavender overtones, Gris Clair smells like a walk on a lake – flowery yet powdery thanks to notes of iris, musk and ash. Gris Clair is cool and clean — ideal for spring afternoons in the park after Sunday brunch.

This spring [b]Diptyque[/b], famous for expensive Parisian candles, offers up [b]Eau de Lierre[/b], a woodsy smell rich with ivy and musk. This spicy scent is intensified with pepper and ivy notes evoking a forest stroll. But to avoid being too woodsy, Eau de Lierre softens with water and fresh notes to tone down the stronger scents. Extremely wearable, Eau de Lierre is natural and delicate, another perfect summer fragrance.

All these spring and summer scents are available at Aedes de Venustas, 9 Christopher St, NY (212) 206-8674 and [url=http://www.aedes.com]www.aedes.com[/url]

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