Queen for a Day:
Channel Marie Antoinette with These Extravagant Scents


Queen Marie Antoinette of France lived for only 37 years and although the doomed royal met a grisly end over 200 years ago in 1793, she continues to be one of the most iconic fashionistas to have ever existed. The golden haired royal only wore the newest couture from Parisian designer Rose Bertin, proudly displayed a three-foot tower of powdered hair adorned with chic veils, and wasn’t afraid to show off her curves with the right bodice. Antoinette’s lust for glamour made her a target among the people, leading to her grim fate during the French Revolution. Yet, few people know that one of Antoinette’s greatest passions was perfume. During her reign, she hired Jean-Louis Fargeon to create the finest fragrances that best reflected her personality. Now, ladies seeking to feel like a ruler can own a prized perfume of their own.

There are several portraits of Antoinette surrounded by roses, a flower she adored throughout her life. Roses, a symbol of passion, love, and loyalty, all represent what Antoinette desired from her people. Today, women can still command the same, making a rose infused cologne a must-have. Jo Malone’s Red Roses is composed of seven types of freshly cut roses from around the world, including the heavenly rouge royale and scarlet velvet. A touch of zesty lemon is even added as a top note to Red Roses. The queen herself was known to take soothing baths with lemon essences to ease tension from the day. Red Roses wouldn’t be complete without a hint of violet leaf to create a lush garden in a bottle. The result is a heady, powerful, and luscious perfume that draws all eyes on you. In short, you’ll feel seductive and ready to rule.

Available: Jo Malone and http://www.jomalone.com

If a rose, even by any other name, wouldn’t smell as sweet to Antoinette enthusiasts, then perhaps they’ll want to invest in a fragrance highlighting another ingredient that’s just as delicious. American jewelry brand David Yurman’s Essence Collection features one perfume that’s “a fusion of art and beauty.” Looks like Yurman’s team must have found themselves lurking in Antoinette’s closet before creating the gem-hued Delicate Essence! While it does feature notes of wild rose, Delicate Essence also includes the airy and refreshing sparkling orange. According to author ElisabethDe Feydeau’s book, A Scented Palace, an orange tree was considered a “goldmine” during Antoinette’s time because “every part of the tree gives off its perfume.” Even though Delicate Essence doesn’t smell as scrumptious as a juicy orange, it’s a jewel of a find for shoppers. Welcome your guests with this rich and spicy scent that cools the skin during the steamy months of summer. A queen wouldn’t have it any other way!

Available: David Yurman and http://www.davidyurman.com

Even when Antoinette was fleeing for her life in 1791, she insisted on filling orders of her favorite perfumes for what would become her final journey. And while Paris may symbolize Antoinette’s dramatic end, the city’s grand gardens remind us that the former ruler, like many women today, embraced nature whenever she could. It’s no secret that she treasured the Petit Trianon, a green oasis given to her by husband King Louis XIV. In time for spring, ladies can feel as if they’re strolling past a glorious garden with Yves Saint Laurent Paris Jardins Romantiques, a bouquet of rose, lily of the valley, lilac, and violet. Paris Jardins Romantiques is as clean and crisp as grass with drops of morning dew still glistening on its tips. It may not be long lasting, but like Antoinette, it will never be forgotten.

Available: FragranceNet.com

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