Raymond Matts Creates Aura de Parfum


Fragrance designer Raymond Matts has created some truly exciting perfumes that fragrance aficionados will want to try. The former fragrance executive with years of experience at Estee Lauder Co. and Elizabeth Arden, felt a need to create emotionally charged perfumes not typical of what’s on the department store shelves today. Raymond Matts creates fragrances that don’t merely smell nice, or fresh, or sexy, we’ve got plenty of those, what we true fragrance obsessed people crave are compositions that are more complex, unique and less predictable. Matts, who’s not a perfumer, but rather a fragrance designer, has done exactly that, and works with perfumers to create an aura of feelings and emotions. He calls the fragrances Aura de Parfum, which is very fitting, as they surround the wearer like an aura. There are seven in total and their names, which aren’t real words, were created to sound the way they smell. All fragrances in the collection are meant to be worn by both men and women. Here are three that I’m loving right now.

Sunah, created by perfumer Jean-Claude Delville opens with fruity notes of citrus but not that juicy burst that screams at you. It’s beautifully tempered between tart and watery notes that are truly transporting. Soon you’re brought back to earth with delightful miguet, and mimosa that stays around for a good amount of time. The dry down notes are exotic saffron which warms things up – and makes me murmur mmm – along with amber and a grounding of some sensual wood notes. Matts describes Sunah as soft and sensuous and I agree.

Tsiling (Tis-ling) was created by perfumer Olivier Gillotin. Matts describes it as flirtatious and unexpected and with the desire to create a plastic floral impression. Tsiling opens with notes of pear, watery notes and citrus. The heart notes are orris and honeysuckle which gently meld into notes of milk and rice. There is a touch of patchouli in the drydown, but just enough to warm it up. This lovely scent has staying power and lasts a long time.

Kaiwe (Ky-way) also created by Olivier Gillotin is like taking a shower in a tropical rainforest and having that after shower feeling last and last. It’s perfect for summer. However, it’s not that typical l “clean” (and boring) smell. Kaiwe is created from some unusual accords and is hard to pin down note wise. It is more of a rainforest memory that opens up with a burst of aldehydes, lime and a bit of eucalyptus. The long lasting heart notes of slight florals – I’m guessing violet and jasmine – along with some resinous green notes, and a dash of juniper make this an addicting scent. Kaiwe settles into an almost rum aroma with ambrox giving it an amber like base note. This is a complex perfume and it’s not easy putting my finger on exactly what I smell; I just know that it’s soft, pretty and wonderful.

Check out the full collection and let us know your favorite. All bottles $200. for 1.7 oz

Available exclusively at Nordstrom.

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