Reincarnating the Beloved Lost Perfume

Remember that perfume you were crazy about in college, or on your honeymoon in Tunisia, or when still married to your madcap first husband? Did you really love your mother’s Odalisque and wish you could inhale it again? You can reach back in time to experience fragrances of the past through, and you won’t be disappointed. Each perfume is a dedicated, quality replication.

Nellie Rosenstein, the American designer credited with popularizing the “little black dress,” introduced Odalisque in the 1950s by spraying it from crop-duster airplanes in skies across midwestern cities. Talk about an effective public relations campaign! This perfume, along with olfactory jewels like Infinite Grace, Tuxedo, Replique, Bakir, Bond Street, Maroc, Tuvache Tuvara, My Sin, Apple Blossom, and Sortilege are lovingly concocted for anyone with retro fragrance nostalgia that just won’t go away.

In addition to providing vintage perfumes, Long Lost Perfume will also match rare or hard-to-find fragrances that are currently being found only overseas. This isn’t a pilfering of current brands, but rather a service that fills in the gaps for perfume users. There are three reasons why customers request perfumes through Long Lost Perfume, and why the company will provide the fragrance under a new name: a fragrance may still be sold on the market, but the current owner has “modernized” the scent, taking it away from the original olfactive character (which can be recaptured). Second, some perfumes are discontinued but still trademarked, and finally, some perfumes are still sold in certain markets around the world, but are impossible to find.

Go vintage with your perfume by checking out The graphics are pretty mod too.

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