Scent-sessful: Choosing What Tickles Your Nose and Avoiding Aromatic Overload



With so many fragrances on the market, it’s a true wonder that anyone can pick their favorite scent and stick with it. Some women decide to have a different scent for every day of the week, or even for different moods and occasions.  What to choose and how to wear fragrance can be quite daunting, so here are a few tips from the expert perfumers at Drom Fragrances. Creating fragrances since 1911, Drom has used the expertise of their perfumers to perfect this art. Happy Smelling!
On How to Buy Perfume:
Drom perfumer , Pierre-Constantin Guéros explains that it’s vital when you searching for a fragrance to keep smelling the strip that the vendor gives you at the counter, so you can experience the all-life of the perfume and avoid any pungent surprises. For example: You can adore a perfume right after it’s been sprayed, but come to despise it after twenty minutes or even two hours. Give the scent a chance to dry down and you can get the full effect.
perfumetesters.jpgFor maintenance of your favorite aromas, Pierre says if you find a limited edition scent, special summer or niche brand, buy two or three bottles of it and store it in a cold place which will preserve the perfume for two to three years. Despite the myths, you can indeed leave fragrances in the fridge, which will keep the notes of the scent potent. Bathrooms can be the worst place to store your perfume bottles, because the heat and humidity can alter the aroma.

On Wearing Scents:
During the bleak winter months, perfume evaporates faster on dry skin, meaning you’ll need to re-apply more often says perfumer Ikey Smith. Use more of your favorite scents during the winter rather than in the summer. Another tip on smelling great is to keep empty perfume bottles in your lingerie drawer and you’ll be greeted by a refreshing scent every time you get dressed. 

Perfumer Agnes Mazin’s number one tip is DO NOT OVERUSE. Instead have 2-3 fragrances on hand so you can switch on and off especially when you become tired of wearing the same scent.  She also recommends that instead of using a spray fragrance all the time, try using other fragranced accessories like body washes and lotions. It will give your nose a much needed rest. 
When spraying a scent, target your wrists and elbows and other areas away from the nose. This helps to keep the fragrance fresh and new. Another no-no is rubbing your wrists together, once you’ve sprayed. Something I myself am also guilty of, Mazin advises that this disrupts the natural evaporation process of the fragrance which can alter the smell. So, spritz and let your wrists dry naturally. 
Ever wonder if there are any advantages to using solid perfumes? Perfumer Alexandra Monet says that using these is a great way to get someone’s attention. They are not as diffusive as colognes and a dab behind your ears or in your cleavage can give you that come hither air.

Lastly, avoid the dreaded fragrance rut. After all, we wear perfume as much for ourselves as we do for other. Cautioning wearers not to overdose by dousing themselves to up the intensity rather take a break for a few weeks and then return to your favorite scent and you’ll be able to smell it as if it was the very first time you wore it.


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