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Have you ever been intimidated by what seems to be miles and miles of products that line the shelves of department stores and mega-beauty chains? Have you ever wanted to find a signature or special new scent, but didn’t have the time (or the skin space) to test hundreds of fragrances? BN has found your streamlined dream destination right here in NYC. Space.NK, the luxe UK beauty boutique, which debuted last year in New York City’s Soho, offers a carefully edited array of sensational scents, as well as a broad array of beauty and skincare products. The store’s fragrance selections are limited to premium and cult brands with limited distribution. Space.NK is the antithesis of the mass marketer, preferring to offer quality over quantity.


Space.NK’s flagship NYC store, which opened in June 2007, is tucked away on Greene Street, (there’s another location on the Upper West Side, it’s smaller and even more tightly edited) The spacious, open, and well-lit store is an entire beauty and spa emporium offering a wonderfully pleasant shopping and browsing experience. Amy had the opportunity to tour the store’s elite fragrance bar, where every inch of space is occupied with delightful and hard to find fragrances.

What makes Space.NK truly special is that its founder, Belfast-born Nicky Kinnaird, travels the globe and creates scents based on the very sights, sounds and smells she experiences during her travel; personally selects every single product that is sold in the stores. Ms. Kinnaird is your ‘personal shopper’, cutting through the clutter and only offering a special volume of products for both passionate fragrance aficionados and women just testing the scented waters.

Kinnaird merchandises Space.NK’s fragrance department differently than your average retailer. She doesn’t launch new perfumes for the sake of their newness or their trendiness. Rather, she stocks scents that she loves, scents by designers or perfumers with a specific aesthetic.


At Space.NK in Soho, you can find the sexy, powdery, musky Agent Provocateur perfumes, including MASK, as well the much coveted Diptyque fragranced candles. Space.NK’s selections run the gamut of the unique- Solange Azagury, (the celeb jewelry designer) signature scent, Stoned (a bold blend of diamond dust, vanilla, candy, and patchouli packaged in a round, gem studded bottle) to the more commercial Daisy by Marc Jacobs. The Chantecaille fragrance line is also available at Space.NK, as is Acqua di Parma’s fragrances fantistico!

[Insert SpaceNKLaughter.jpg next SpaceNKCompelling.jpg, side by side]

Kinnaird’s collection of exclusive Space.NK fragrances are worth the trip downtown and one of BN’s delightful discoveries; all were inspired by Kinnaird’s journeys and memories. The collection is available in perfumes, candles, body wash, soaps and lotions; many are available in gift ready boxes inspired by ancient Japanese kimono patterns. Our favorites are Laughter, an uplifting combo of lime, rosemary, juniper, and ginger, Compelling, a rich, rose scent inspired by the gardens within the Medina Of Marrakech and Soulful, a woody combo of cedar, sandalwood, and lily of the valley, which takes its inspiration from Kinnaird’s time in Japan and her visits to their famous hot springs.


Tip from the Fragrance Editor: Don’t leave Space.NK without purchasing the Space.NK Mood Candle Set, four miniature candles that will help make your travels more fragrant and more relaxing…and they are great for carry-on only travelers.

99 Greene Street, Soho
New York 10012
t: (212) 941-4200

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