Season Spritzing:
The Right Scent for the Right Occasion


If there is anything I love more than beauty products, it’s food, specifically Thanksgiving eats. The smell, the taste, the feeling of utter warmth and satisfaction – there’s almost nothing better on this planet.

However, I don’t enjoy being seated next to a guest whose fragrance overpowers the wafting scents of my delectable meal, especially when patchouli or rose hip essence replaces the meaty taste of the turkey leg I’m about to devour. Unacceptable! If only somehow had offered her advice on how to properly use the right scents for such an occasion.

Don’t be that appetite spoiler! Follow our insightful suggestions for a meal harmonious in taste and smell.

Fresh for the picking…

The fragrance experts at Jo Malone suggest sticking to citrus scents in a dining environment such as Thanksgiving, as they emit a clean, aromatic air and does not overpower the aroma of food. Their Lime Basil & Mandarin cologne is a delicious blend of crisp lime, mandarin and grapefruit, with a hint of freshly picked peppery basil. For a younger, brighter combination, Jo Malone’s Grapefruit cologne smells like the eye-opening scent of a freshly peeled ruby red sprinkled with a trace of earthy rosemary and jasmine. One suggestion, however – go light on these fragrances, as they are intensely rich and long lasting. Better yet, apply lower on your body – perfume rises – to get subtle waves of these citrusy bouquets.

Available: Neiman Marcus and

Good as pie…

Origins’ Ginger Essence Sensuous skin scent is the perfect mix of zest and spice, much like your favorite holiday pie. The spiciness of ginger, clove and nutmeg is perfectly paired with refreshing bergamot, lemon and lime. This non-offensive fragrance is amazingly light and airy, and manages to be warm and cool all at once. Plus, the tree-hugger in me loves that Origins’ products are free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil and animal ingredients. Spray on before leaving the house, or throw the Intensified Fragrance Rollerball version in your clutch for quick applications on pulse points throughout the festivities.

Available: Macy’s and

A tropical turkey getaway…

Leslie Blodgett, the creator of Bare Escentuals, has released the limited edition Perfume Diaries Bare Skin Eau de Parfum Spray exclusively at Sephora. Whether you’re spending the feasting holiday on an exotic island, or just want to bring a little of the tropics to the city, this slightly mature fragrance has a warm, heady and peppery scent that gets better the longer you wear it, so apply early in the day for a subtle woodsy, yet beachy allure. A little goes a long way, so spritz with caution, or opt for the beyond precious, purse-sized Bare Skin Solid Perfume for more control.


Her name was Lola…

Marc Jacobs’ new scent Lola is marvelous. Even if your Thanksgiving this year consists of a turkey microwavable dinner, alone on the couch, do yourself a favor and throw some Lola into the mix. It’s beautifully floral and mouth-wateringly juicy at the same time. The pear and grapefruit top notes quickly, but smoothly, transition into peony and geranium, leaving you smelling slightly floral in all the right ways. The longer you wear Lola, the warmer and more romantic it absorbs into your skin. Plus, the bottle is vanity-display worthy. Though the fragrance is pretty long lasting, donning the super playful Solid Perfume Ring will grant you many compliments throughout your night (should you decide to venture out).

Available: Bloomingdales,

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