Sense and CalmScents: Creative Ways to Let Scent Soothe

The power of scent is often overlooked in our audio-visual world, and considering the gloomy economic forecast, it’s our duty to remind our fragrance-forward readers how potent a pick-me-up scent can be. So, we’ve compiled some creative tips to help you find your scent-center and combat those business-bust blues throughout your busy day.

6:00 AM
For many of us, nervous nights of fretting over job security translate into relying more heavily on our coffee addiction to kick-start the day. Luckily, a little bit of scent savvy can help. According to the Sense of Smell Institute, studies show that the subtle presence of coffee or chocolate aroma in your work space can significantly improve accuracy and concentration. So try keeping a little jar of coffee beans on your desk and bedside table. It may do you as much good as working your way through a row of lattes – minus the caffeine headache.

10:00 AM
High anxiety makes it a lot harder to say no to mid-morning snack cravings. That’s why we’re recommending Crave Control from Rachel Hertz’s Scentology collection. Recognized as a leading authority on the psychology of scent, Rachel is working hard to rectify our culture’s misconceptions about the power of scent. “Aromatherapy is based on folklore and the diverse general effect of natural oil fragrances,” says Hertz while “scentology is about the scientifically demonstrated effects of fragrance on mood, mind and behavior.” Hence Crave’s soft vanilla scent, which has been clinically shown to suppress the desire for sweets. Also worth a try are her peppermint based Endurance Enhancer and the sparkling orange citrus of Bliss Booster, both of which can help you stay strong throughout the day.

Tea Box photo by Jennifer MacFarlane, New York Magazine

1:00 PM
Escape the stale air-freshener aroma of the employee lounge and follow your nose over to Takashimaya’s Tea Box Café for lunch. The high-end Japanese store’s outpost on Fifth Avenue is also home to this elegant little tea room, tucked away in the basement floor. The Tea Box offers more than 40 varieties of organic tea, many of which contain the best herbal scents for relaxation and focus, like cinnamon, bergamot, jasmine and peppermint. A sampling of exotic and savory soups, sandwiches, and cookies are available to compliment your brew of choice, and with the average tea set running between $10-$18, the excursion won’t stress your wallet either.

6:00 PM
Whether you’re heading home for the night, rushing around on errands, or hitting happy hour, you can wrap yourself in scent-induced rejuvenation with a fragrance that’s close to your heart by the Demeter Fragrance Library. With more than 250 fragrances, Demeter is dedicated to concocting unusual scents that capture the essence of our personal experiences. Smell is more closely tied to memory than any other sense, which is why the smell of say, wet paint or saffron or Grand Central Terminal may put you at ease and someone else on edge. With scents like Bonfire and Bourbon, Sequoia, Scottish Shortbread, and Paperback, you’re sure to find a Demeter scent that transports you to a stress-free place. Plus, it makes for an intriguing conversation piece!

11:00 PM
Infuse your before-bed routine with relaxation by smoothing on products containing fragrant essential oils. When purchasing yours, it’s important to make sure the ingredients are natural, as synthetic ones can give you a headache – not the most stress-relieving result! That’s why we’re recommending the products of Sponge Skincare. Using a base of the purest Greek extra virgin olive oil, the people at Sponge pride themselves in using a 100 percent chemical free process for extracting their oils. To promote a sense of calm, peace of mind, and renewing vitality, try their sweet basil, lavender and jasmine formulas.

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