Smell Like a Superstar: Noteworthy Andy Warhol-Inspired Fragrances


“Another way to take up more space is with perfume,” once remarked silver haired pop prince Andy Warhol, who would have a lifelong passion for celebrities, fame, and the art of smelling good. Even when he passed away at age 58 in 1987, he was buried with a bottle of Estee Lauder’s Beautiful. Today, the man who once ruled The Factory, continues to live on in his work, as well as today’s popular aromas. Whether you want to add some pop to your perfume collection or just want to channel your inner Chelsea Girl, check out our picks for the top fragrances that pay tribute to Warhol and his glitterati. Be careful, you may be tempted to sniff these for more than 15 minutes.

One of Warhol’s most famous superstars from The Factory was a petite heiress who would captivate musicians and fashionistas. Edie Sedgwick’s life was brief, but her impeccable style is still sought after by Hollywood starlets. Who could resist the fur-clad peroxide blonde who starred in Warhol’s Poor Little Rich Girl? For posh parties in Manhattan, Sedgwick often wore Femme by Parisian fashion house Rochas. Both fruity and spicy, Femme is a rich, sensual perfume for ladies who want to feel like a million bucks. Femme starts off with a dominant mist of plump, ripe peaches and plums, transforming into a union of powdery Bulgarian rose oil and blooming summer jasmine. Femme then dries down to an intense mix of patchouli and vanilla, easily entrancing an entire audience. Femme is a classic that, like Sedgwick, will never go out of style.

Available: Target and

Despite cool fall temperatures taking over the city, we’re still dreaming of golden afternoons while inhaling the sweet scents of tulips and daffodils throughout the five boroughs. Bond No. 9 has some of the most unique perfume collections, all sold in a flacon that’s more art than pricey bottle. While several of their fragrances pay homage to Warhol, Union Square is an instant favorite. Perhaps it’s the giant silkscreen-inspired flowers in fuchsia, crimson, and yellow shielding brilliant blue blades of grass that appeals shoppers. Nevertheless, we’re certain it’s the marriage of sun kissed freesias and creamy musks that leaves us breathless. Warm, seductive amber and faintly sweet lily of the valley makes Union Square ideal for the office or shopping at the farmer’s market.

Available: Bond No.9, 9 Bond Street, and

Statuesque ice blonde Nico, famously known as the front woman for The Velvet Underground, not only impressed Warhol with her throaty vocals, but her masculine wardrobe also fascinated the artist. Nico was rarely spotted in a dress because she was too busy rocking perfectly tailored trousers and vamp capes. As her style makes a comeback for autumn, channel the German chanteuse with Calamity J by French perfume line Juliette Has a Gun. There are no flowers or fruits to be found in this fragrance, but instead woody patchouli, musky amber, and dry iris root. It’s the perfect aroma for any woman who wants to be more dandy than damsel.

Available: Henri Bendel and

If you rather light up than spritz, then you’ll want to snag a gift made for the rock star of the art work and fellow Warhol collaborator. Jean-Michel Basquiat, who dated an unknown Madonna and made paint splattered Armani suits chic, created countless pieces that would be later sold for millions of dollars. Now, you can own a Basquiat in the form of Jean-Michel Basquiat Candle by Ligne Blanche Paris. Shoppers can expect numerous spicy and earthy notes, such as lemon, nutmeg, incense, patchouli, and vanilla, just to name a few. Like Basquiat, the candle’s cluttered aroma makes a powerful presence that one will never forget.


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