Smell Like a Fall Seductress with These Tantalizing Fragrances

The cool autumn season is finally upon us, and with that comes the marching on crunchy fallen leaves, serving generous slices of creamy pumpkin pie, and sinking your teeth into a crisp apple.

But seriously, who says the season has to be so PG?

The smoldering summer heat may be long gone, but you can still warm up to chilly days and brisk evenings with the right aroma that will practically make your lover fall on his (or her) knees, nearly begging you to ravage them completely with your caresses.

Don’t think it’s possible? Sure, satin sheets, lacy undergarments, or even generous glasses of wine can all do the trick, but the right fragrance is like unleashing a magical spell, making you far too irresistible. And fortunately, this autumn offers some delicious offerings to help you get it on.

Here are three tantalizing picks to help you become a fall seductress with ease:

When luxury lingerie brand Agent Provocateur unveiled their latest fragrance inspired by the 1940’s femme fatale of old Hollywood, it was bound to make heads turn…or at least noses take an extra whiff. Fatale is being hailed as the signature aroma for the woman who is “mysterious and seductive” and “whose charms entangle her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire.” However, does it deliver the goods? Truthfully, it depends on the wearer. Fatale immediately opens up with creamy vanilla orchid with lingering notes of golden, juicy mango. The sugary sweetness slowly transforms into a powdery, velvety smooth gardenia, a luxurious white floral favored by screen sirens of past eras. And finally, it becomes a medley of luscious, oozing chocolate and musk. While some may find Fatale too sweet for mature wearers, it does highlight a generous mix of popular aphrodisiacs–a dangerous combo for any seductress-in-training.

Available only at Agent Provocateur 133 Mercer Street, NYC and Sak’s Fifth Ave

One could never transform into a love goddess without getting a lesson or two from the queen of tease. From her red hot pout to her never-ending curves, all proudly exposed in the finest lingerie and not much else, striptease madam Dita Von Teese know how to make hearts stop with her breathless beauty alone. Sure, chances are you won’t go on stage and flaunt your feather fans, but you can still smell like a showgirl. The burlesque star already has a notable fragrance collection, but for autumn, we recommend heating things up with the simply captivating Rouge. It’s being described as “the elixir of seduction, as sexy and elegant as Dita herself.” The vintage-inspired ruby red flacon releases a tantalizing medley of bright, bold bergamot that’s rich and spicy, leading to a heavenly garden of blooming magnolia, like the sudden aroma of flowers given to a dancer after gracing audiences with a steamy cabaret number. Rouge slowly fades to a smoky, woody finish, thanks to a gentle sprinkling of patchouli and sandalwood. While vanilla is not listed in its notes, some have detected a hint of it, but no complaints here. Whether worn day or night, Rouge is certain leave you, and anyone else around you, demanding an encore.

Available at HSN and

If there’s one couture designer who’s mastered the art of liquid enchantment between the sheets, it’s definitely Tom Ford. And no season could be complete without a bottle of his Velvet Orchid on your vanity. Paying tribute to the grand oriental perfumes of the 1980s, Velvet Orchid is a decadent, bewitching fragrance that commands your attention and will do exactly that with one spritz alone. Its Art Deco-inspired bottle is nearly bursting with refreshing citrus, evolving to romantic petals freshly picked during its blooming peak. Then, those petals are gently dipped in an intoxicating concoction of oozing honey and rum. Warm, yet inviting, Velvet Orchid is powerful enough to make its mark with brisk winds. Since Velvet Orchid is so sensuous and heavy with a remarkable lasting power, a simple dab is more than sufficient to lead any day. But be certain, you will fall in love!

Available at Nordstrom, Sephora and Macy’s

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