Soak Up the Sun with These Beachy Fragrances

The sun soaked days of summer are here, but too bad many of us are spending them inside the office and not hitting the waves.

For those of us who don’t have the chance to wind down by the coast of the Mediterranean, don’t fret-you can still bring the white hot sand and cool water to you.

For the steamy season, consider giving those usual floral fragrances a break and instead, give yourself a beach getaway with some seaworthy picks.

If you love the scent of Coppertone after it’s been sun kissed on your skin, then makeup maven Bobbi Brown’s summer fragrance is meant for you. Beach is an eau de parfum that’s light and sparkling on the nose, but won’t take over an entire audience inside a petite room or office. Beach was design to capture the freshness and nostalgia of summer and it does exactly that. It opens up with a burst of sand jasmine, as if one were embracing a bouquet of freshly blooming white flowers for the first time. It suddenly transforms into a rich, salty sea spray uniting with freshly cracked coconut and creamy sunscreen, minus the greasy residue. The aroma eventually dries down to a hint of juicy mandarin orange. It’s like capturing the Hawaiian tropics in a bottle. Spritz on leisurely whenever you need some salvation from the heat.

Available at Bloomingdale’s and

You may not be a mythical creature, but who says you can’t smell like one? Mermaid’s Kiss by A Beautiful Life may invoke images of Flounder, but rest assure, this is one aroma that would easily seduce Prince Eric (sorry, Ariel). This magical perfume instantly tantalizes with rich notes of bamboo lily that’s been caressed by sea foam, along with woodsy French cypress for added zest and delicate hints of salt rock. And just when you’ve been transported under the sea, A Mermaid’s Kiss becomes a mouthwatering medley of Jamaican lime and juicy pineapple soaked in rum. After one sniff, expect your lover to follow your every word.

Available at Urban Outfitters locations and

Unlike other beachy-themed fragrances, which attempt to capture the aromas of sea water, TOKYOMILK’s Marine Sel explores other, often ignored scents. One whiff and you’ll suddenly discover the crisp scent of the ocean splashing against sun bleached driftwood. Its clean, green notes make it a unisex scent that starts off strong on the nose, but slowly dries down, making it long lasting from day to night. However, there is a slight note of lily that somehow makes its way into the mix. Fortunately, it doesn’t interfere with the fragrance’s purpose: to enchant in a paradise created just for you.

Available at New London Pharmacy in New York City and

If one could bottle the sweet meets savory aroma of a crisp, salt-fueled breeze blowing during a lazy afternoon at the beach, chances are it will smell like Demeter’s self explanatory Salt Air. The opening is a powerful one that instantly captures you and flows you away to that beloved vacation you had growing up. Light, clean, and lasting enough to keep you feeling refreshed during the day, we highly recommend spritzing after a shower when you’re looking to unwind at home or right after basking in the sun.

Available at Duanne Readein New York City and

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