Solid Fragrance: For When Things Heat Up


In summer everything grows lighter: not just your apparel, your hues, and your purse, but also your fragrance. If weighing your purse down with a big bottle of EDT just doesn’t seem practical, consider the solid fragrance option. A small, more portable perfume in solid form can slip easily into a purse, pocket or beach bag. Below, a few solid examples that are weightlessly perfect for summer, yet still manage to pack some personality and leave a lovely impression.

Boyfriend was created by actress Kate Walsh to evoke her boyfriend’s unique scent on her skin. It’s reminiscent of how comforting and wonderful your sheets or clothing smell after your boyfriend has just left — a combination of aromas that include bright florals, earthy plum and a soothing musk. Notes in this sensual meld include dark plum, myrrh, blooming jasmine, and benzoin tears anchored by musk, vanilla woods, and golden amber. It’s a warm fragrance that’s surprisingly well-balanced: sweet without being cloying, strong without being too heavy, and it contains hints of traditionally masculine and feminine notes without overdoing either. Alas, it doesn’t linger too long – perhaps like some boyfriends in real life – which is all the more reason you’ll want it on hand. Boyfriend comes in a small gold container which fits into its own round leather zip pouch. Presentation is everything! Find it at

Tocca offers a quintet of alluring solid perfumes for summer: Florence, Bianca, Stella, Cleopatra and Brigitte. As you could imagine, Florence is a lovely and delicate combination of Italian bergamot, crushed violet petals, blue iris, and blond wood. Like Florence itself, it’s beautiful and elegant. Cleopatra is a headier fragrance, rife with patchouli, grapefruit, fresh greens, white jasmine, tuberose, golden amber and vanilla musk. Bianca was inspired by garden teatime In Italy, and features citrus notes, green tea, lemon and rose petals to fill it out – in a base of sweet sugar with musk. Brigitte is a distinctive and exotic mix of rhubarb and papaya with iris, saffron, sandalwood, musk, ginger, and Pannetone accord (!). Stella is summer fresh and warmly sensual, fusing white freesia, wild diamond orchids, musk, sandalwood, heady blood orange and spiced lily. These lightweight solids, packaged in a tasteful Florentine manner, are fantastic to layer. Find them at The Plaza Beauty section:

Pacifica natural solid perfumes are another summer source for fragrance on-the-go, and the range offered is truly diverse and tailored. Choose from Florals (jasmine, lilac, lotus, rose, gardenia, orange blossom and more), Fruits (fig, papaya, grapefruit, guava, lime and more), Herbs & Spices (spice, cocoa, lemongrass, vanilla, just to name a few), or Woods & Resins (juniper, amber, sandalwood, Tibetan Mountain Temple). Visit to view the full lineup, but rest assured that you’ll love something in this extensive line! Crafted with organic soy and coconut wax and essential and natural oils.

Another summer-perfect line is the Burt’s Bees collection of four 100% natural solid perfumes, tiny enough to slip into a pocket. Devoid of sulfates, parabens, pthalates and petrochemicals, Burt’s Bees solid perfumes come in Fresh (lemon, grapefruit, cedarwood), Beautiful (peach, plantain, green banana, jasmine, black tea, coriander, ylang-ylang, tonka and vanilla), Happy (orange, lemon, raspberry, grapefruit, rose and cedarwood) and Sensual (Italian lemon, pineapple, rose, geranium, vanilla and patchouli). Read more about these perfumes crafted with skin-loving natural oils, waxes and butters at

You can mix, match and experiment with solid fragrances in ways you can’t with traditional bottled perfumes, so add some play to your layering this summer.

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