Spice Things Up with These Latest Romantic Scents

Whether you’re single or partnered up, Valentine’s Day is an amazing holiday and not the greeting card disaster one may believe.

Don’t agree? Sure, there are those sickly sweet romance marathons on TV and even those irritating couples who can’t get their hands off each other at your favorite ritzy restaurant, but hear us out. It’s one day out of the year where you can happily indulge in wine, chocolate, and other more secretive activities.

Another perk? Enjoying one of the season’s most enticing aromas ready to invoke what your heart truly desires. And there’s nothing like luring a potential lover with the right scent or simply feeling like your sexy self with the latest floral creation.

For Valentine’s Day, treat yourself or a loved one with a special treat that’ll last beyond the cocktails and candy. Below are our picks for romance-worthy perfumes ready to spice up your holiday.

Local performer Victoria Collette has recently unveiled an exciting collection, titled “Inner Essence,” which will particularly excite Harlequin Romance fans. The packaging alone easily resembles one of your guilty pleasures you would secretly read in a bubble bath. Fortunately, you don’t have to feel bad enjoying one of her scents as it’s hard not to stop smelling them! Collette assures us that each perfume promises to unlock a woman’s transformation from inside. “A woman can unleash her hidden passion with the perfume Seductress, embrace her classic femininity with Beauty, or rediscover her gentleness with Innocence,” says Collette. For Valentine’s Day, shoppers will particularly want to look out for Beauty, which is reminiscent of a lingering embrace from your beau. The top note is warm amber intermixing with woody, yet refreshing parsley. The scent soon turns into a classic, powdery rose caressing spicy cloves, finally ending with rich vanilla. A simple drop or two is all you need to enjoy this lasting aroma.

Available VictoriaCollette.com. Coming soon to Anya Ponorovskaya 251 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012.

Local perfumer Jane Levey has the perfect gift for the ultimate fragrance collector: one of the most sinfully seductive scents of the month held inside beautiful packaging, resembling your favorite vintage romance novel. As a fragrance, When We Kiss instantly wows with its fairytale aroma that leaves you reminiscing about all those sweet memories of experiencing love for the first (or fifth) time. When We Kiss opens with a watery, almost transparent cyclamen flower, flowing perfectly with juicy, jeweled-hued raspberries, melons, and oranges. And while it could easily fool anyone for being just another fruity aroma, the heart note becomes more floral with delicate white hedione, citrusy neroli, and heady jasmine. The ending is a grand finale of seductive gardenia, tuberose, and patchouli.

Available at http://www.Scent-With-Love.com and City Chemist Montague St, Brooklyn Heights, http://www.city-chemist.com/

Roses and a box of chocolate may sound like the ultimate Valentine’s Day cliché, but when it comes to fragrances, it’s one of the most mouthwatering combinations ever…if done right. Fortunately, Mancera Roses & Chocolate is a delicious gourmand scent that’s perfect for the romantic holiday, as well as for any occasion where you’re looking to add some sugar and spice. This floral, fruity perfume opens with sparkling fireworks of juicy, sun kissed mandarin orange and peaches, slowly transforming into a blooming bouquet of powdery roses and violets to tone down its sweetness. Creamy chocolate, vanilla, and even musk are also added to the mix and it smells so real, you’ll believe someone is baking a fudgy cake. Fortunately, its yummy ingredients all work together without being cloying, only leaving you tempted to spritz some more.

Available at MIN New York 117 Crosby Street New York, NY 10012 and MinNewYork.com.

Not a fan of chocolate? No problem-Mancera also offers the equally delicious Roses Vanille to sweeten up your Valentine’s Day. This perfume is certain to pull at your heartstrings with a squeeze of lemon, adding some zest to roses dipped in sugar. Some fans have even described this tantalizing treat to rose petal jam. Sensual vanilla, a reported aphrodisiac, plays a dominant role in this fragrance, but with cedar wood for a masculine touch, as well as velvety smooth musk, one can easily feel like a tantalizing temptress with one whiff.

Available at MIN New York 117 Crosby Street New York, NY 10012 and MinNewYork.com.

You don’t need usual roses to set a sexy mood. Tuberose, a favorite among old Hollywood screen sirens, such as blonde bombshell Lana Turner, preferred this petite, captivating white flower known as tuberose as her signature scent, and you too can channel a little bit of her stunning beauty for any evening. Sensual Tuberose by Bois 1920 is like caressing your nude body against cashmere. It’s warm, welcoming, and feels like buttah on your skin. The perfume opens with a luscious union of tuberose and orange blossom, surrounding a hearty peach just waiting for your teeth to sink into. As the fragrance continues, Egyptian jasmine and coconut become tender new notes that hypnotize, transforming into spicy sandalwood and white musk with a touch of patchouli. Powerful on its own, Sensual Tuberose is for those looking to make a bold statement, one that won’t let you or your lover down.

Available at MIN New York 117 Crosby Street New York, NY 10012 and MinNewYork.com.

In time for Valentine’s Day, Philosophy has released Loveswept, which is being described as a “sparkling fragrance that uplifts the senses and inspires the emotion that love is where it all begins-love for life-and love for yourself.” Thankfully, their product delivers with stunning results. There are no roses, chocolates, or vanilla to be found here. Loveswept is soft and delicate, wonderfully pleasing and downright attractive. The scent opens with citrusy bergamot and silky-smooth blue violet, an enchanting bouquet that makes anyone feel good, like a piece of hard-earned candy. There’s also aqua-inspired lotus blossom and passion fruit bursting with fine, sweet juices. The ending is on the creamy side with warm musk, soothing amber, and white cedar wood. Loveswept is the perfect perfume to wear at the office, ensuring others will enjoy your scent without causing a dizzying, unwanted effect that some romances may bring.

Available at QVC.com.

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