Sweet Charity

A great fortune cookie once opined, “Power to those who know just what they want; Joy to those who know how to get it.” Perhaps this smart cookie was referring to Lisa Hoffman, whose dreamy fragrance collections were borne (SP) out/of/from her own desires and experiences. “I was always searching for a fragrance that not only reflected my mood and frame of mind, but also appealed to my changing scent sensitivities throughout the day,” explains Hoffman. She’d been traveling the world with her husband at the time (maybe you’ve heard of this graduate of an actor), exploring indigenous cultures…from their exotic foods to their beauty rituals. In her travels, she began collecting essential oils, fresh herbs and other rare ingredients, blending aromatic essences of her favorite places, then sharing them with her (lucky!) friends. From this kitchen chemistry eventually grew Lisa Hoffman Variations, a collection of pulse-point perfumes that travel as well as they wear: they’re housed in a buttery-leather pouch and all dressed up for your purse. Uniquely designed to be perfect around the clock, these beautiful, wearable fragrances are translated into four Variations: Morning (subtly scented so as not to overwhelm the early nose), Daytime (a more dimensional revelation of the fragrance character), Evening (a sensual and seductive interpretation, with deeper notes), and Bedtime (a gentle, powdery whisper of fragrance at rest). What’s even more beautiful? This year, 100% of proceeds from the highly intoxicating and slightly addictive (read: you’ll want to take this little red pouch everywhere!) sensual Tunisian Neroli 4-Vial Variation Collection will benefit the National Breast Cancer Coalition. Available at http://www.LisaHoffmanBeauty.com.

Wild Bluebell from The World of Jo Malone is a “naughty but nice,” floral – an air of whimsy and a breath of spring, with just a hint of friendly mischief (check out the print ad; it’s Jo Malone’s first inclusion of both a human – and a bunny rabbit! – in repose on the gorgeous blue flowers…total fairytale mode). Wild Bluebell makes a fresh start with bluebell and clove, before moving to a heart of lily of the valley, eglantine, and jasmine. White amber and musk are at the base of this instant-spring-awakening-in-the-fall fragrance; incidentally, good intentions are, too: Jo Malone London has made a donation to the Woodland Trust, in effort to help England stay carpeted with its vibrant, native English bluebells. Available at Bergdorf Goodman and online at http://www.jomalone.com.

DKNY Fragrance partnered with celebrity jeweler Martin Katz to create the world’s first million-dollar fragrance bottle. This time, the apple-shaped flacon is a jet-setting, globe-trotting champion painstakingly well-dressed in the rarest of jewels. The DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle is carved from polished 14-karat yellow and white gold and features a Manhattan skyline constructed (ahem) of 2,700 Round Brilliant White Diamonds and 183 Golden Yellow Sapphires, in a micro pave setting in 14k. white gold. To top it all off (literally): a 2.43 carat Flawless Vivid Yellow Canary Diamond adorning the “cap;” underneath it all; a base complete with 14 karat gold continents of the Earth, set with precious gemstones indigenous to each country – including 15 Round Brilliant Vivid Pink Diamonds from Australia weighing in at 1.28 carats, a 7.18 carat Oval Cabochon Sapphire from Sri Lanka, and a Turquoise Paraiba Tourmaline from Brazil. The Million Dollar bottle will be followed by fans on the DKNY Fragrances Facebook Core Club Application, and will then be sold to enthusiasts. Net proceeds will be donated to Action Against Hunger, a global charity working to supply safe drinking water to communities, and helping to provide sustainable solutions to hunger. Get your own still-lovely-at-less-than-a-million (bargain!) bottle of DKNY Golden Delicious at Macy’s and online at http://www.macys.com; you’ll still delight in the fruity, sparkling, sensual scent.

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