The Perfect Fragrance Gift for Your BFF

Sometimes you just need that perfect little fragrance gift for your BFF, sister, mom, co-worker, etc. and you want something special, something that’ll make them smile, something they’ll love, and something not too pricey. We’ve got you covered! Read on….

Is She Naughty or Nice?

This limited edition Nice Trio from Demeter is perfect for your favorite nice girl and guaranteed to make her say awww…. as she showers you with warm thank you hugs. Who can resist these nice fragrances? Kitten Fur, which captures the warm scent from that soft snuggly spot right behind a kitten’s ear, or Sunshine, which will remind her of her favorite cotton tee left out in the sun on a summer’s day, or Pixie Dust, which smells like sugary happiness and will make her smile. The three piece limited edition Nice Trio contains one ounce of each fragrance and is $35 for the set. The fragrances can be purchased separately as well.

Available: Demeter Nice Set and Walgreen LOOK Boutiques

She’s naughty and bawdy and not afraid to let the world know. Demeter created the Naughty Trio just for her so she can strut confidently and let her perfume speak volumes. Riding Crop has the sexy scent of worn leather, while Dark Chocolate is sensuous, luscious and sweet – but not too sweet. Sex on the Beach smells like that beachy vacay where she drank too many concoctions of vodka, pineapple, and raspberry juice, and ended up with sand where she least expected it. The three piece limited edition Naughty Trio contains one ounce of each fragrance and is $35 for the set. The fragrances can be purchased separately as well.

Available: Demeter Naughty Set and Walgreen LOOK Boutiques

She’s into the Spiritual World and Self Care

If she’s into reading cards, positive energy, or loves crystals, she’ll love the Pinrose Intention Scenting Gift Set. The set includes nine small roller balls of eau de parfum, nine intention cards with an intention scent guide, plus a piece of rose quartz for good energy. To use: turn the cards so only the graphic design can be seen and then select the one that feels right that day. Turn the card over and see the image and read about the chosen positive intention of the day on the intention scent guide. Lastly, match the card up with the fragrance it’s paired with and she’ll be scenting with intent and will be reminded of the affirmative message all day whenever she gets a whiff of the perfume. It’s all positive, fun, and a wonderfully uplifting gift, and the perfumes are lovely. It’s $50 for the kit.

Available: Pinrose Intention Scenting

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