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Way back when…that is, the swinging 70’s…. a scented candle on the coffee table often meant that the house was inhabited by hippies leading a laidback counter-culture lifestyle. Fast forward to today, and the scented home or office, is an everyday pleasure enjoyed and embraced by most of us. The trend for air care continues to grow, and not just drip by drip. We scent lovers are now customizing our environments by utilizing a variety of aroma diffusion objects. It’s not just about a big, thick candle sitting on a plate anymore. We want our scented objects to be as beautiful as the fragrances they exude.

Housed in a gift box that is as beautiful as the contents, the Panpuri Soul Temple Oil Burner is a joy to look at, as well as lovely to own and use. Sitting on dark wood base is a brass oil burner, handcrafted by Thai brass smiths, which holds both a heating candle and a saucer that gets filled with water and drops of the essential oil. As the liquid heats, it scents the air with one of four oils. Oil #4 is a blend of rosewood, eucalyptus and grapefruit which truly creates a journey of the senses and will put your in a Zen state of mind.

Available: Origins Stores, and

Candle candle burning bright…

Sure, there are lots of candles around, but finding ones that are as pretty as they are fragrant is what delights the senses the most. Le Cherche Midi, named after one of my favorite streets in Paris, and their Fragrance 09 tells the story of exotic travels filled with silk robes, cashmere throws and cognac under a blanket of amber light. The sweetness of this scent is perfect for fall. It starts out with a zesty lemon meringue and lily of the valley, which moves on to whipped lavender cream and patchouli, but it’s the final notes of soft amber, sandalwood and vanilla absolute that linger and make you happy that fall is here. To intensify the scent, the company also sells a companion fragrance spray that you can tease the air with first. The two together make you long for romantic nights filled with sensual pleasures.

The intoxicating scent of night blooming jasmine, Persian lilac and Asian bamboo drifts through the air near me as I write this piece and the candle isn’t even lit! That’s how intense the fragrance is imbued into the Altru Integrity Candle. Once the wick is lit, of course, the scent fills the room. Altru soy blend wax candles are in hammered copper vessels with a gold lining that look beautiful in any room. Altru comes from the word altruism and the company is not only dedicated to creating luxury home fragrances, but also supports the In A Perfect World charity..

Candles available: Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus

Scent your home without fire…

If you’ve got kiddies jumping on the furniture, or kitties jumping over it, you might want the fragrance without the flame. No worries, there are some lovely choices that are also elegant. From Chesapeake Bay Candle are two excellent options. The fragrance ball is a white porcelain sphere filled with scented beads which look pretty as a cluster in a bowl, or can be stashed away in a closet. Perfect for fall is the tonka bean fig which has warm, woody notes of cedar and sandalwood, along with delicate hints of tonka bean paired with a touch of birch.

And for you gem lovers are the scent crystals – pretty stones infused with a variety of fragrances. I like the color and the vibrant scent of the lily orange blossom interwoven with hints of sparkling mandarin, ylang ylang, white jasmine and a touch of musk to keep them all in harmony. Customize you scent by mixing different variety’s of the pretty stones in an elegant bowl.

Available: Target and

Sometimes it’s all about what we don’t smell…

Mix together a clever name for an embarrassing problem then come up with a real solution and you’ve got Poo~Pourri, the new air freshener for the bathroom. As opposed to typical spray air fresheners which are designed to mask odors, Poo~Pourri’s motto is “Spray the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know.” The all natural essential oils create a barrier which traps bathroom odors. Flushing then releases a neutralizing formula into the air leaving the bathroom citrus fresh. Packaged in cheeky bottles, some even adorned with “jewelry”, you’ll feel free to keep them out in the open for all to use. Along with the Original scent, which is comprised of lemon-grass, bergamot and grapefruit, there is the Royal Flush with eucalyptus and spearmint, and No.2 with mandarin, bergamot, orange, peach and berries. I love it when wit and wisdom collide!

Go to for a store near you.

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