The Sweet Smell of Simplicity


I like to call it “The Gauntlet”. You’ve been there before; it’s that familiar stretch of department store linoleum that’s lined with men and women in smart suits waving scented pieces of paper at you. When they start to converge, how many of you grab your children or your friends and whisper “eyes down!” Then you run down that lane without taking a breath until you reach Men’s Socks. The rare time you do stop, your poor nose is overwhelmed with a fragrance that could knock you out cold.

Good news! After conquering the world of makeup, Bobbi Brown has developed three distinct scents that are worth sniffing.

Back in 1990, Bobbi developed ten shades of lipstick that she sold to Bergdorf Goodman. Hoping to sell 100 in the first month; she sold 100 the first day and was an instant hit. In 1995 she sold her company to Estee Lauder, but retained creative control of her line. Everyone has their favorites: the yellow based Foundation Sticks, Shimmer Bricks, or the quality brushes. Bobbi says, “Makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident.” She has the same take on fragrances.

In 1998 “Bobbi” was launched. In Bobbi’s words, “(it’s) a fresh, green-citrus floral scent that captures the essence of the modern woman’s life.” The top note is made up of citrus, cucumber, and bamboo. The middle has water lily, peony, and jasmine. The base note contains sandalwood, Virginian cedar orris, and patchouli. The bottle was inspired by antique perfume bottles with their heavy glass walls and beveled edges. A celadon green plaque inset on the cap is a nod to Bobbi’s love of jewelry.

In the summer of 2002, Bobbi debuted a limited edition scent, “Beach” Created to evoke the atmosphere and essence of summer; it combines cooling sea spray, sand jasmine, dianthus dune flower, neroli petals, and driftwood. It smells like you’re walking by the ocean. You can almost feel the sand between your toes, and the sun on your face. It was so popular that it became a permanent piece of the collection. This one is my favorite!

And “Baby” makes three. After having her own little one, Bobbi launched her baby collection in 1998. She created “Baby” in 2004. It’s a fragrance made of a fresh blend of orange flower petals, melon, peach, and white lilies. The result is a soft floral powder fresh scent, perfect for anyone who likes a fragrance that makes you lean in to sniff – it’s not overpowering. Both “Beach” and “Baby” are also available as body oils for a long lasting silky feel.

So next time you’re in the stores you can either carry your own perfume and threaten to spray the perfume girls back (which is what my boyfriend would love to do) or you can slow down and maybe find your new perfect scent. Bobbi Brown can be found at most major department stores and at

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