Sarah Jessica Parker can do no wrong with women the world over. Even if she was arrested in Paris for stealing a bottle of her own perfume from a window display, then thrown into a French jail. Don’t worry; it’s just her TV commercial for her latest scent Covet.

SJP is the energizer bunny of the beauty and fashion industry; her first scent Lovely was a huge success. Last month, she introduced Covet, again partnering with fragrance giant Coty. Given SJP’s track record, and the fact that the scent is a dichotomous tart floral, we expect Covet to be another home run for SJP.


Covet is crisper and edgier than Lovely, which is a more classic, femme scent. Like its name, Covet is riskier; it’s playful, bolder, and certainly more daring; we feel bold and slightly naughty. With hearty notes of Sicilian Lemon, lavender, chocolate, magnolia, and amber, this is a fragrance that Carrie Bradshaw would certainly wear for a rendezvous with Big.

We guarantee if you dab a little behind your ears and on your cleavage, anyone that hugs you will ask, “What are you wearing and where can I get it?” Ladies, you have to have this scent! The best thing about Covet is how long it lingers on your skin; it stays with you through cocktails and dinner…and bedtime.

We just love SJP’s easy manner, whether wearing Oscar de la Renta or the Gap, she makes us feel…well comfortable. She leaves the house without make-up, her hair in a ponytail, but stuns us on the red carpet. She’s an actress, a mother, a wife, a fragrance guru, and a clothing designer, (her new line of clothing and accessories called Bitten. Its well priced (like really cheap prices); flying off the racks at Steve & Barry’s, the mass retailer). Perfect to wear with your Manolos.

Unlike Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears, who seem to clobber us with a new scent every season, SJP waited. And, she got it right. Celeb scents are a dime a dozen and most make us yawn. But SJP has been able to walk the line between high end and mass market, fearlessly and without a net. Women of all styles, ages, and incomes will feel hip and pretty with a spritz of Covet. Given SJP’s real woman looks, Midwestern upbringing, and funky/haute style, most women relate to her. Word around the industry is that Covet is expected to be the mother of all scent launches, thanks to the advertising blitz and the fact that most ladies, like we do, love Available at Macy’s.

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