Unique Perfumes: Exploring Distillery General

Finding a unique perfume to become your next signature scent is as magical as finding an amazing dress in your size on sale. It’s exhilarating, but a rare occurrence…at least until now, in the fragrance department, anyway.

If you’ve stepped inside an Anthropologie lately, chances are you may have spotted one of the most exciting collections of aromas so far in early 2015. Distillery General is a collection of hand-blended concoctions, created by Los Angeles and London based designer Sean O’ Mara of beauty brand Royal Apothic. Aside from its vintage glass bottling, Distillery General highlights locally sourced raw ingredients from flower and farmer’s markets which, like its name implies, are then distilled into essential oils ready to be sniffed and enjoyed.

Sounds wonderfully whimsical, right? That’s why it was crucial to test out the four fragrances and see which one(s) win your heart. Fortunately, each aroma offers unique, captivating notes that will appeal to a variety of fragrance lovers.

Has your new signature scent been found? Read on and find out:

If you’re seeking an aroma that will embrace your skin like a warm hug on a wintry night, consider stocking up on Smokewood. True to its name, this welcoming scent instantly invokes memories of unwinding inside a musky log cabin. Every deep breath is like savoring the cool, refreshing aroma of a frozen lake. Its notes of golden amber, leather, and sandalwood, for some spice, give Smokewood a masculine flair for ladies who prefer seductive cologne over anything flowery or candied any day. Yes, it does feature a hint of vanilla, but it’s so overpowered by dry woods and even a touch of chilled gin that it’s hard to detect. And just like the spirit this fragrance make have taken inspiration from, it’s one you’ll happily savor for a much needed pick-me-up.

If the thought of frolicking barefoot on a daisy filled field as the sun kisses your skin makes you smile, then Dandelion was made for you. Lively, playful, and youthful, this fragrance is a celebration of delicate spring florals, including the fully bloomed, dewy dandelion. But if the idea of this sweet, grassy, sunny flower instantly makes you grab for the Kleenex, don’t fret, its aroma is light, clean, and ideal for those who loathe more heady perfumes. Dandelion’s lasting power may not be strong, but it’s a blissful, everyday scent that’s perfect for kicking off any morning of the week.

Ever wondered how the girl next door always manages to get the boys hot and bothered? Chances are she spritzed on some Strawberry Vine, a luscious flirty fragrance that infuses reported aphrodisiacs, such as juicy ripe strawberries, creamy vanilla, and tonka bean, an aroma that’s a hybrid of cinnamon, oozing caramel, and plump cherries nearly ready to burst. Strawberry Vine is so sensual and nutty that one dab alone will easily make anyone spot you in a room. Let a potential beau enjoy this gorgeous scent on your neck during a sizzling hot date.

The most surprising fragrance from the collection is Heirloom, which makes its mark not with vanilla, roses, or wood, but with farm-grown tomatoes. Heady and sharp, Heirloom will transport you to a never ending garden during a sun soaked afternoon where all the veggies are unearthed and ready to be plucked. A delicious surprise, Heirloom is an earthy scent that continues with pink, powdery Bulgarian roses. Its dry-down features a splash of tangy white grapefruit juice and a sprinkling of rich, luminous myrrh, which is reminiscent of black licorice. Heirloom is a must if you’re looking for a scent that’s a complete 180 from anything else you currently have in your collection. An occasion to flaunt this fragrance is guaranteed to pop up!

All fragrances are available for $25 at Anthropologie locations, Anthropologie.com, and RoyalApothic.com.

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