Villa of the Mysteries: Fragrance with a Past

Every now and then, we’ll stumble upon a perfume brand that truly excites, and such is the case with Villa of the Mysteries (VOTM). This new line from Paula Pulvino debuted at the Indie Beauty Expo in NYC and is reminiscent of the great perfume lines of the past because of the quality of its ingredients and its exquisite, rarified scents. There’s a reason for it: the fragrances are based on the recipes (or ricetti di libro) of the founder’s Italian grandmother, who lived in a beautiful village outside of Naples, where she handcrafted perfumes and apothecaries in her family’s shop. She used smoky resins, Moroccan Rose, Capri lemons, and essences that have been used in the Mediterranean basin for thousands of years now. Paula Pulvino is following in her footsteps, adding her own modern touch to her grandmother’s beautiful perfumes.

The VOTM collection is an indie perfumery based in Brooklyn with five fragrances: Delfina eau de cologne, and eau de parfum Fortes Fortuna luvat, Carthago Delenda Est, Veni Vidi Vici, and Domus Aurea. Each smells more intoxicating than the last. VOTM also offers concrete perfume, hand lotion, and soap. Choose your favorites at

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