Welcome to Your Sunshine States: The Body Shop’s New Summer Scents


We so love the spring and worship the summer – warm sunny days, and longer balmy nights. As we embark on grand adventures and romantic evenings, we’ll also want to capture the spirit of those occasions with the scents we select. The Body Shop is here to help, with its just-launched limited edition summer fragrance collections. Each fragrance is a spin on the retailer’s popular Love Etc…, Dreams Unlimited and White Musk original scents. They were all co-created with International Flavors and Fragrances, Inc. (IFF), those notable noses behind some of the world’s most successful fragrance blockbusters. You’ll find scents to suit your hot weather moods from dawn to dusk – whether you’re feeling cheery, playful, or seductive. Here’s the scoop:

7:00 AM – The Happy Coquette Awakes…
She pulls back the curtains and gazes out the window, anticipating a blissful day. To match her morning feeling, the likable flirt spritzes on Love Etc…Sun Kiss. The fragrance is a fruity blend of oh-so-subtle florals like neroli, jasmine, sandalwood and amber, touched with sweet bergamot and nectarine.

Behind the Bottle: Dominique Ropion is a star of the perfume world. His creations read like a Who’s Who of smells, such as Pure Poison (Christian Dior), Alien (Thierry Mugler), and L’Homme YSL (Yves Saint Laurent).

3:00 PM – The Beauty Recharges, Energized…
It may be that slump time of the day for some, but this gorgeous lass knows how to reinvigorate herself – and it’s certainly not with sugary snacks from a vending machine. She reaches into her roomy tote and pulls out Dreams Unlimited Sun Fresh. Here’s a sparkling floral fragrance with a splash of fruit and startling salty aquatic notes. There’s also mandarin, watermelon, neroli, and orris in this refreshing scent. With a couple of sprays, she’s awash in the cool of the oceans, fresh with a joie de vivre that finishes her day strong, and lets her relish the night ahead.

Behind the Bottle: Loc Dong enjoys elements that are not particularly common, and enjoys the challenge of bringing them together harmoniously; i.e. sea spray vs. fruity watermelon notes. His list of fragrances includes Versace (Versace), Euphoria (Calvin Klein), Be Delicious Night (Donna Karan), and Marc Jacobs (Marc Jacobs).

8:00 PM – The Romantic is Damn Sexy…
Errands and tasks accomplished, the lovely lady heads out for a glorious evening. To compliment her own glamorous self, she wears White Musk Sun Glow. Dabbed strategically at the wrists and decolletage, she’s wrapped in notes of lemon, peony, sandalwood and musk. The fusion is overall hearty and sensuous, perfect for seductive nights both out, and in.

Behind the Bottle: Domitille Bertier is an innovator who likes twists to scents. For example, she’ll take a musk base note and liven it with zings of lemon and peony. Her fragrances include Lavender Flower Water (Chloe), Boss in Motion (Hugo Boss), Hot Water (Davidoff) and Flowerbomb (Viktor & Rolf).

The new fragrances are available now at http://www.thebody-shop-usa.com and at your local The Body Shop store. Added bonus: the collections include rich body purées that leave skin soft and super-silky.

*One final note; purposeful not fragrant: While feeling and smelling fab in The Body Shop Summer scents, you’re also doing good. Each of the new offerings contains 50% Community Fair-Trade Alcohol from Ecuador, a small tropical country in South America. I know it well, my heritage is there.

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