You’ll Adore This Bouquet of Organic Perfumes

If you like all things organic, then discover this selection of organic scents that will enchant your senses and are crafted with compounds only found in nature. We picked this bouquet just for you. Enjoy.

Acorelle is the pioneering brand of classic French fragrances made organically. Made with100% raw materials from France, the collection of delicate scents with aromatherapy properties contains no petro-chemicals or phthalates. Try Citrus Infusion built around a citrus chord, verbena leaf, orange tree and formal notes or Lotus Dream with lemon, bergamot, tangerine, patchouli and cedar. My personal favorite is Divine Orchid with top notes of pear and peach joined to heart notes of hawthorn and florentine iris with patchouli and Madagascan vanilla. Acorelle holds Cosmebio Certification which is awarded by Ecocert and also carries the NSF certification mark.
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Osmia Organics offers a selection of hand-made luxury perfume oils and concentrates produced with essential oils, CO2 extracts and absolutes in a base of either organic alcohol or organic oils. My favorite, Juniper Fire, has a refreshing vanilla and sandalwood base, and is both pungent and sweet with a subtle suggestion of smoke. Treat your nose to Posso that translates into “I can” in Italian. Violet leaf and Frankincense are mixed with Bulgarian rose, precious melissa (lemon balm) and grapefruit to create an uplifting smell that also helps release anxiety thanks to a tinge of Virginia cedar wood. Made by hand in small batches, Osmia Organica comes beautifully packaged in recycled soft brown paper with an irresistible silk purple ribbon. Available at

The luxurious 100% natural Eau de Parfum, Pour le Monde uses oils derived from natural raw materials using either steam or water distillation. They smell like the rich synthetic counterparts you are used to but are absolutely chemical free. Company founder Wendy Berger explains that her natural eau de parfums change gradually with the chemistry of our skin and gently evolve into a personal singular scent. Pour Le Monde scents are certified by the Natural Products Association. The French brand also gives back by supporting charities. For more information visit

Lavanilla has a collection of uplifting scents that are utterly playful and delightful. Organic sugar cane alcohol is mixed with spring water and sensuous essential oils and botanicals. I am very fond of the Healthy Fragrance roller ball Fresh Vanilla Lemon that blends watery fruits, bamboo and Madagascar vanilla. Energizing and uplifting it is also easy to carry in your purse with its long tapered shape.

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Herbal Choice Mari has 100% pure organic essential oil perfumes. The natural absolute oils are extracted from organic flowers that emit a perfume scent. I am especially fond of the perfume Seductive Spice. It contains filtered water, naturally brewed herbal vodka, organic sage, geranium rose, sandalwood, bilberry leaf, ylang ylang, absolutes of neroli and jasmine as well as vanilla extract. The pure organic cold pressed oils are packaged in a special eco-friendly violet glass bottle. Made in the USA with organic and wild harvested plant ingredients.

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If you love things that Mother Nature creates, these organic scents make sense and offer an alternative of unique quality and beautiful fragrances.

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