Your Personal Perfumer – Now Available in Pocket-Size


In the time my boyfriend Adam & I have been together, I’ve known him to wear exactly two different colognes. And while his current favored scent, L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme, has been great for the last three years, I thought I would give him something new for Christmas.

Just in time for gift giving season iPerfumer has arrived, an iPhone application developed by leading fragrance house Givaudan. Consider this a shopping guide for the technologically inclined set.

Once downloaded, the application will ask questions about which fragrances you already know and like, along with which scent elements you favor. For those of you perplexed by terminology like ‘Fougère’ or ‘Woody’, no worries – there’s a definition with examples for each term. Your answer choices are matched against product ratings from other users, and the app uses this data to deliver on-screen fragrance recommendations. iPerfumer’s database currently contains over 4,000 brands ranging from new launches to cult classics, and it is updated with new additions every couple of weeks.

The gift guidance hasn’t stopped with one recommendation, though! You can set up numerous profiles within the app, so I’ll be using it when shopping for my fashionista cousin I’ve pulled from the family Secret Santa drawing.

If anyone knows enough about fragrance to make a recommendation, it’s the master perfumers at Givaudan! Many of the world’s most famous fragrances have come out of Givaudan’s labs, from celebrity scents to haute couture perfumes. Jenine Guerriero, Givaudan’s Director of Marketing & Interactive Media, explained that the motivation behind iPerfumer is helping people break out of their ruts, olfactively speaking.

For those of you fragrance enthusiasts, iPerfumer will teach you something new about yourself while helping round out your fragrance wardrobe. And for those of you who want to run in fear from the fragrance counter, iPerfumer can hold your hand and guide you through it.

Jenine assured me that iPerfumer will be available for Droid users within the next couple of weeks.

So what will Adam and my cousin be unwrapping on December 25th? Well, I’ll need to keep my final decision a surprise, but I can tell you that it’s got me thinking about Acqua di Gio for Adam and Marc Jacobs Lola for my cousin. And for the sake of research, I’ve created a profile for myself – I’ll be asking Santa for Trish McEvoy’s Gardenia Musk. Happy spritzing, smelling, and shopping!

iPerfumer is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 3.0 or later. It is free to download from Apple’s iTunes app store.

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