A 2024 Guide To Zodiac Gifting: Aquarius Edition

If someone’s birthday is between January 20th and February 18th, they’re an Aquarius. Aquarians value individuality, are intelligent, confident, and innovative. They’re often the creative friend with a curious heart and an eccentric soul.

Picking a gift for an Aquarius is exciting since they appreciate uniqueness, so explore this curated list if you want to charm the Aquarius in your life.

Anthropologie Zodiac Collection Boxed Candle ($38)

For the wellness-focused Aquarius, consider gifting this whimsical candle with notes of jasmine, rose and vanilla sandalwood. It is perfect for astrology and candle lovers alike.

Goon With A Spoon Cookbook ($24.95)

For the Aquarius who loves spending time in the kitchen, the “Goon With A Spoon” cookbook is a fun choice. Co-authored by Snoop Dogg and Earl “E-40” Stevens, this recently launched cookbook is full of interesting recipes.

Cher Knows Best Needlepoint Pillow ($24.95)

Furbish Studio’s viral pillow is the perfect gift for the Aquarius who loves home decor. The hand-embroidered pillow adds a touch of humor and charm to any space, complimenting the Aquarius’s cheeky personality.

Baggu’s Medium Nylon Crescent Bag ($52)

For the Aquarius who loves practicality, this bag is perfect to carry all of their essentials aka everything they own. This specific style comes in 10 different colors and patterns and is machine-washable.

Topicals Slick Salve Mint Lip Balm ($16)

For the beauty lover Aquarius, this new vegan, barrier-building lip balm is perfect for their everyday use. The formula is hydrating, soothing and has great shine for their pout.

Kyrah Quilan Senior Editor at Beauty News NYC
Kyrah Quilan

Kyrah, a native New Yorker, embodies a unique blend of urban sophistication and creative spirit. With a background in PR and communications, she loves all things lifestyle, beauty, fashion and travel. You can find her scouring thrift shops for hidden gems, spending hours on her curly hair routine, planning her next solo trip, or curating a bomb Instagram feed.