Father’s Day: All Hail The King

If there’s a royal man in your life who deserves the very best, here are a few imperial gift suggestions for keeping him resplendent:

Fisher’s Finery – Wrapped Up in Soft Luxury
Fisher’s Finery offers super plush robes for men that will enable him to step from shower into a realm of comfort. Everyone loves a soft, go-to robe for shower, pool, quickly answering the door and at-home lounging. Fishers Finery robes are made of soft terry: 70% bamboo viscose and 30% cotton imported from Turkey.

With cuffed sleeves and front pockets and a shawl collar, dad will be styling as he lounges. They also have inherent moisture-wicking properties and are durable and ultra-absorbent. Sizes range from S/M (34-40) to L/XL (42-48). You can also find superb bedding, silk pillowcases, men’s pajamas and much more for Father’s DAy at the Fishers Finery website.

Gina De Santis Ceramics – Uniquely Beautiful Pieces of Functional Art
The Gina De Santis Noodle Bowls in Sand are handmade and ideal for gifting to people you admire and appreciate. Sturdy, gorgeous, practical and memorable, they infuse the simple act of enjoying a meal with artfulness and serenity. There’s something extra special about a gift that has been thoughtfully crafted. Do you know someone with a pet? The Gina De Santis personalized pet bowls are also fantastic, as are the beautiful plant hangers, Luna ceramic oil pourers, pasta bowls, salad bowl, plate collections, and more. In business since 2013, you can find her unique creations here and gift someone special this summer. You can also find her creations at Anthropologie, Uncommon Goods, Sundance catalog, Shoppe Amber Interiors, and McGee & Co.

Full Circle – Kitchen Tools Without Compromise
Dad can grill slice, scoop, peel, crush, grate, zest, and open cans with ease and style with Full Circle‘s dishwasher-safe kitchen tools made from paper. All Full Circle kitchen tools’ handles are crafted with at least 75% kraft paper combined with food-safe resin for strength. They’re also naturally antibacterial, built to last, and lab tested to show a 99.9% reduction of bacteria. Well-designed, these tools are modern and sleek and will do the prep job with aplomb. Find them HERE.

Daimon Barber London – Efficacious Skincare for Men
This luxury men’s hair and skincare brand, dubbed “The Home of Effortless Grooming,” is for all skin types and was created to revitalize skin as well as hydrate, renew and refresh with the finest ingredients possible. Here are some products dad will appreciate:

AGE DEFENCE is for men that revel in sunshine, the great outdoors, and all weather conditions. Nature’s harsh conditions can be ameliorated with this moisture-retaining formulation that contains saccharide isomerate and pentavitin. The Daimon Barber Age Defense Face Wash is a vegan solution that uses hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules to deeply cleanse the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. ProVitamin B5 repairs and protects, leaving skin cleansed, hydrated and fresh. The Revitalizing Moisturizer deeply moisturizes as a one-stop product that outperforms retinol with B% and olive oil to improve skin texture and tone. Other products include Age Defense Shave Cream, and Age Defense Revitalizing Eye Formula to reduce dark circles and comfort eyes as well as their lauded pomade and hair gel. Dad can sail, canoe, hike mountains, climb rocks, and immerse in nature this summer with impunity because Daimon Barber London literally has them covered. Find these products and more here.

Elixirs Extraordinaire
Ceybon AF is not only great for non-drinkers, but for anyone who appreciates a good better-than-alcohol aperitif crafted from healing plants and mushrooms. These blends were created by Dr. Giulietta Octavio from Californian organic and wild-gathered ingredients. Each ingredient was chosen with care for its flavor and/or function. These are bliss-inducing and creatively inspired blends, encompassing Bright AF, Chill AF, and Happy AF. AF = Alcohol Free ; )

These contain some mix of: Reishi, Damiana Flower, Juniper Berry, Albizzia Bark, Citrus Peel, Peony Bark, Kola Nut, Bacopa Herb, Grandiflora Cactus, Poria, Passionflower, Nutgrass, Kudzu Herb, Knotweed, Cramp Bark, Prickly Ash, Licorice Root, Sage, Chaparral, Albizzi Cramp Bark, and Prickly Ash.

Bright AF contains ginger and lemon, and a proprietary blend of adaptogens, nervines, and nootropics. Translation: herbs that make you feel clear, uplifted, and well.

Chill AF contains cucumber, mint, juniper, mushrooms, adaptogens, nervines, and nootropics for a refreshing and hydrating sensation that promotes calmness and relaxation. Ahhhh, garden goodness.

Happy AF contains locally sourced chaparral and white sage extracts with mushrooms, adaptogens, nervines, and nootropic to provide a lilting boost.

Order some good cheer for the guy you revere here, and share in the delectable experience.