6 Hot Tools for Knockout Hair

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We’ve all been there before, tired of the current state of our hair but not ready for a drastic cut or color change. In an attempt to add some new life to my locks, I’ve been experimenting with the latest and greatest in the hot tool market. I’ve been inspired by the impressive technology available today and have cheered as salon-quality results finally seem achievable at home. From wands to irons and everything in-between, here’s the latest available to add style and ease to your hair styling routine.

The Curling Iron Set of Your Dreams
Bombay Hair Curling Wand Set – 5 in 1 Curling Wand and Waver

Loose curls are timeless and here to stay while beachy waves bring instant volume. With Bombay’s five in one Curling Wand and Waver, you’ll be set for whatever curl you’re in the mood for or whatever trends happen to arise. Made from various precious medals, the curling wands are all interchangeable which means you won’t have a tangle of cords to trip over and more drawer space to enjoy. In addition to the waves and waver, the kit includes a wand handle, heat resistant glove and claw clips. I’ve been loving the 25mm barrel and the barrel-making waver lately but the joy is in being able to change up my look whenever I want!

Price: $160

Available: bombayhair.com

The Blowout Style Saver
Bondi Boost Blowout Brush Pro volume

Gone are the days of wresting a blow dryer in one hand and a round brush in the other, thanks to Blowout Brush Pro. Finally, I’ve found an at-home alternative to my blowout salon obsession! This all-in-one styling tool does it all, dries, styles and adds mega volume simultaneously with multiple heat settings. Though ergonomically designed and lightweight, its packed with 1200 watts of drying power to get the job done fast. Appropriate for all hair lengths, the blowout brush can be used on wet or dry hair and was engineered with ionic technology to reduce fizz while dual bristles help keep locks silky and tangle-free. A cool tip adorns the top of the brush for ease of use and a swivel cord keeps your styling area organized and compact.

Price: $69.99
Available: BondiBoost.com

Straighten, Curl, Wave and Flip
CHI Lava 2.0 Hairstyling Iron

Recently, my straighter of the last 10 years had a fatal fall, leaving me on the hunt for an iron that could produce silky strengthening, without frying my hair. Reviews and research directed me to CHI’’s Lava 2.0 Hairstyling Iron. The plates in the straighter are actually made with lava material, a technology that offers loads of benefits including stable, consistent heat, that allow lower temperatures than competitors. Since minerals in lava produce ions with heat, hair damage is reduced allowing for more shine with less frizz. I’ve been dousing hair with CHI Vibe Know It All Multitasking Hair Protector prior to drying and styling for added heat protection, moisture locking and shine.

Price: $199

Available: chi.com

Your Hidden Secret to Big Volume

The higher your hair, the closer to heaven – right? A little volume, especially at the hair’s roots really adds to an overall look, not to mention the added confidence something as small as volume can bring. With fine hair, getting (and keeping) volume has always been a struggle for me until I discovered VOLOOM. VOLOOM irons use patented checkerboard plates to add a wavy, nature-like texture to underlying layers of hair.

My first step was taking the quiz on their website, realizing the Voloom Petite option was best for my particular hair length and thickness. The trick is to section of top portions of hair, use VOLOOM to wave the roots of medium sections, resulting in instantaneous volume which actually lasts all day. There was a slight learning curve for me to get the hang, thankfully their site was full of tips and tricks that made it easy and straightforward to incorporate some lift and glamour into my every day life.

Price: $139

Available: voloom.com

A Heated Hair Brush Hybrid
Amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush 2.0

When my favorite dry shampoo brand released a hairbrush/straightener combo a couple years back I was all in. I quickly fell in love with the ease of this hair tool and use it often to quickly smooth and soften air-dried hair or freshen up any second-day style.

Perfection Straightening Brush 2.0 is an upgraded version of the brand’s bestselling, award-winning original—produced with advanced IRED Beam Technology. Far-infrared light beam strips run along the sides of the brush’s base to speed heat deeper into the hair, retaining hair’s moisture and preventing damage that comes from many traditional alternatives. It also features an ion-generating projector, giving each pass long-lasting, fizz-free smoothness. Outfitted with a ceramic base and heat-resistant nylon-tipped bristles, safety and style work together in favor of your hair.

Price: $120

Available: loveamika.com

The Hair Tool for Women who Struggle with Hair Tools
Beachwaver S1

Are you ready to hear hair compliments? When I use Beachwaver, it’s almost a guarantee I’ll receive some pleasing praise. A female-founded company, Beachwaver offers a slew of award-winning hot tools, products and accessories to choose from. My personal go-to is the Beachwaver S1, a medium sized 1” barrel designed for shoulder length or longer hair, any hair type and texture. The beauty in this patented tool is it’s rotating ability. Simply clamp a section of hair and choose which direction of curl you’d like, the iron does the rest, while offering adjustable heat settings and a 360 degree swivel cord. Video instruction and practice was helpful as I got started using the S1 but it won’t take long before you’re a beach curl master with this baby up your sleeve.

Price: $129

Available: beachwaver.com

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