A Holiday-Perfect Gift for Hair Care + Hydration

ARROJO Hydration and Shine Kit

ARROJO Hydration and Shine Kit

Nick Arrojo, celebrity hairstylist, has created a signature product line of divine, hair-saving products. You may recognize his name from the long-running TLC show, What Not To Wear; Nick Arrojo was their resident hair stylist for seven years. Talk about a hair connoisseur.

I was most excited to try all of the products included in the holiday gift set, ARROJO Hydration and Shine Kit. I anticipated that I’d have a few favorites but that they couldn’t all work for my hair.

After experimenting with each product in the kit, I have to say, this is a most exceptional and COMPLETE set and would make for a fantastic holiday gift. Why? These products sincerely do their job both individually AND in conjunction with one another. This is no random assortment of tubes that will remain untouched under the sink, but, rather, a straightforward and comprehensive approach to caring for your mane.

Here’s What the Kit Includes:

Though I have not dyed my hair in the last six months, I am constantly looking to recover moisture to my locks. This shampoo has a silky, luxurious texture and is deeply hydrating.

Dry Shampoo
Hair Kit Image 2
Dry shampoo has become a timesaving friend to many. This one is lightweight and it smells heavenly.

Whipped Treatment/Conditioner
Hair Kit Image 3
For color treated hair or hair that is otherwise damaged, this is a brilliant (and fast) leave in treatment. After only five minutes on wet hair, this product has done a lot of hard work. If shiny hair that isn’t oily or weighed down is the aim, this whipped conditioner is the arrow to shoot.

Shine Spray
I was pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of the shine spray. It transformed my somewhat frizzy, flying-away-to-a-far-away-place tresses and simply tamed them down, adding strength and a bit of luster. On a rushed morning (most every morning) I’d recommend using the dry shampoo followed by a quick brush through (if your hair type allows) and then this shine spray. It’s the perfect cocktail for manageable, styled yet low maintenance locks.

Hair Brush
Hair Kit Image 4
Not often do we receive new hairbrushes! This wooden brush compliments each product, gently de-tangling hair for a clean styling canvas.

The ARROJO Hydration and Shine Kit can’t be highly recommended enough. These tiptop quality products are concentrated, meaning they will LAST a long while. A luxurious yet purposeful gift to give or receive, you won’t regret this set.

Available at http://arrojonyc.com/

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