A Little Bit of Chelsea, A Whole Lot of Class: [The Chris Chase Salon]


When I walked into the Chris Chase Salon my first thought was, “Do I need to be on the guest list to see my colorist?” This posh hair shop suggests more of a bustling “it” spot rather than a full-service salon. A breathtaking crystal chandelier, beautiful crown moldings and cool grey tones create a hip setting for this twenty-chair Chelsea salon.


After settling down with a glass of wine I met Shane, my colorist. Shane’s main focus at Chris
Chase is color. In addition to working freelance and for Aveda, Shane’s resume also includes a stint as Sharon Dorram-Krause’s hair cutting assistant.

While talented with all hair-types, Shane has an affinity for blondes. Right now he likes gold hues and dark golden blond tones. For the winter months, he recommends clients go for golden or sandy tints. Shane has also developed a signature trademark of matching a client’s hair to their eye color. He looks to match tones with flecks he sees in his clients’ eyes. If he were to look into someone’s eyes and see specks of red, as an example, he would recommend a copper-tone.

When it comes to technique, Shane prefers to create a “starburst effect,” concentrating on the crown, part and areas around the face to brighten up one’s overall look. “Focusing on these areas also allows one to be more playful with their color,” said Shane. “If you’re not looking for something so dramatic, focusing on these areas allows you to subtly change color rather than doing a full process or full head of foils.”

Shane encourages his clients to focus on repairing hair at home. He believes many people aren’t buying the right products for color-treated hair, causing color to fade quickly. Shane recommends the Age Recharge and Nutritive lines from Kerastase. Both lines are designed for dry, damaged and color-treated hair. He’s also a big proponent of washing every other day–or every two days if you can hold out – rather than daily shampooing, which opens the cuticle and removes essential natural oils. Shane also believes anyone with dull, flat color should opt for a glaze once in awhile to add texture and shine without having to change the actual color of the hair.

My hair came out a perfect golden blond, very complimentary to my complexion this time of year. After my color and style was complete I have to say I was a bit sad to go. The salon was still packed and full of life as I made my exit!

Chris Chase Salon is located on 9th avenue at 21st street. For appointments call: 212.206.7991.

Chris Chase Salon
182 9th Avenue (btw. 21st and 22nd)
NY, NY 10011

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