A New Product for Every Occasion (Yes, V-Day Included)
This Season’s Best Hair Treatments to Get you Romance-Ready


Romance season is upon us – dare we say – in the form of Valentine’s Day. It creeps up on us every year and those of us who do have sig others feel lucky to have them, but unlucky that we have to not only buy gifts, but buy ourselves some semblance of an outfit and a thrown-together makeover. The winter is not always forgiving to hair, so Feb. 14th can be a dreaded day in which hair preparation is just one of many rituals we’d rather not undergo. But at least we can take solace in knowing that regardless of our plans for the evening; with a few newfangled products we can virtually stop traffic with the renewed gorgeousness of our hair. Whether it’s an intensive moisture, strengthening or gloss treatment you are looking for, these products are a surefire way to guarantee that you and your date (or perhaps, excitingly, you and a stranger) will have at least one thing to talk about as you gaze into each other’s eyes over sub-par tiramisu or cocktails.

LUST over your Color: Kelly Van Gogh

If color is your major hair MO, you must meet Kelly Van Gogh. A renowned colorist for more than 15 years, Kelly has VIP clients who recognize her ability to support and complement all sorts of hair color treatments. With her product, WONDERLUST Illuminating Hair Tonic, she can take her skill even further. The advanced, patent-pending spray is a multi-tasking took that can be used before, during and after hair color. The rich hair cocktail complete with mica particles, caviar proteins, amino acids and strengthening keratins, works to restructure and illuminate colored hair. The spray will be available at Space NK starting this month.

SAVOR a Serum: YAROK Sensory Treatment

Founded by Mordechai Alvow, the YAROK Sensory Treatment line of serums was created to be used in high-standard professional salons such as Hiro Haraguchi in New York and the Ginger Salon in Portland. However, because of the wonders of our modern world, you do not have to live in or even near these cities to find the products – you can buy them online. Visit http://www.yarokhair.com to peruse the offerings, which include seven serums designed to deliver a heightened sensory experience while addressing seven specific scalp and hair conditions in both men and women. Think of it as a balancing of your hair chakras.

NOURISH hair’s Fitness: Klorane New Oat Milk Formula

If a healthy breakfast gets you and your partner going in the morning, Klorane has a product that will complement your fit-forward style. The company’s Oat Milk line has been improved with the addition of new ingredients which come to the product after a heavy bout of research on the true benefits of oats to hair. Klorane discovered new things about oats as well as a new softening, conditioning and detangling agent Inulin, derived from chicory root, which provides a green replacement for silicones and an improvement to the Oat Milk Shampoo and Conditioner. The products feature white oat because of its renowned soothing and protective properties. Klorane’s oats are cultivated exclusively in the south of France, where after harvesting, they are sorted to eliminate impurities and damaged grains. The new shampoo and conditioner became available at http://www.beauty.com last month.

GLOSS yourself and Volumize: White Sands Glaze Plus

You can’t be at the beach all the time, but at least your hair can pretend to be while bathing in products from White Sands, available at http://www.whitesandsproducts.com. Alcohol-free and full of natural humectants, the Glaze Plus styling aid goes on hair like a gel but performs like mousse. It gives hair a high-gloss finish with great volume and hold, along with color enhancers like chamomile extract.

LUXURIATE with the best of the Best: Shu Uemura Essence Absolue

In the hair world, there are certain coveted items you simply must have otherwise your kit is incomplete. Such products are coveted by us consumers as well – and rightfully so. Shu Uemura’s Essence Absolue is THE product to have today, the only problem being that it’s hard to get. Sign up on the wait list for the globally sold out magic serum at http://www.shuuemuraartofhair-usa.com and hopefully you will get an alert that it’s back before you’ve forgotten how much you want it – or maybe even before V-Day this year. It is the ultimate luxury product, used by gals like Jennifer Aniston, who may have some of the best hair in Hollywood today. Its claim to fame? The potion is an all-encompassing fixer of frizz and dryness akin to no other such product. It fills in dry areas in the hair follicle and moisturizes like magic. We suggest joining the global list of lusting fans who are anxiously awaiting the alert.

TREAT an ailing Scalp: Rene Furterer

If your game plan is to make your hair look as young and strong as possible (and whose isn’t?), try Rene Furterer’s Complexe 5 along with the company’s Tonucia toning mask. The Complexe treatment is packed with essential oils like lavender and orange which cleanse and tone the scalp. The Tonucia mask strengthens and densifies fine and tired hair because of Cimentrio, a bonding ingredient, and micro-proteins which coat hair without weighing it down. It too, is infused with lavender and orange oils to leave a tantalizing scent for a love interest and a strong, youthful look for you. Find Rene Furterer products at your nearest Sephora.

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