A New Upper East Salon that Blows…in a Good Way


There’s a time and a place for a full afternoon of hair care – this isn’t it. The latest spot from acclaimed stylist, Valery Joseph, VJ Blow Bar Express by Valery Joseph, is a welcome addition to the UES salon repertoire, but not the type of place you need to make a day out of. Thank goodness.

While this blow dry bar is actually a full-service salon – complete with color stations and waxing rooms on the lower level – a glance from the sidewalk will yield stylists wielding their blow dryers at all hours, signaling that it’s perfectly OK to blow and ditch.

With its all-glass exterior, VJ’s sea of white, silver and black décor is visible from the street. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors with ornate silver frames align one wall, while crystal chandeliers surrounded by sheer-white shades add to the soft glow and clean bright-whites of the salon. It’s classic, it’s elegant, it’s chic.

Excited for my turn in the chair, I entered and was whisked to the bank of sinks in the back. Directed to put my feet up as I sunk into the seat, I promptly enjoyed a tantalizing shampoo and mini-head massage (a luxurious experience not to be overlooked).

Given free reign to do as he pleased, my stylist, Zack, then got to work twisting, twirling and blowing my locks into a frenzy. He’d clearly had practice, and I came out feeling fully glammed-up and fabulous – dare I reference Farrah Fawcett herself – in nearly no time.

A quick glance in the mirror confirmed that my own skills with a dryer would never measure up. Luckily, I’m down with letting the pros handle it. Likewise inclined? With blowouts starting at just $35, VJ Blow Bar Express is an affordable way to let the pros snazz you up before a night out or to spice up your regular old hair-care routine.

VJ Blow Bar Express by Valery Joseph
1457 3rd Avenue (between 82nd & 83rd)

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