An Australian ‘Evo’lution in Hair Care: Products Even a Hair Editor Will Actually Use Daily


The Aussies have a thing for bringing quality hair care to the states. Whether it’s in a purple bottle that’s now practically a household name, or (stereotype alert) new, uber-hip stylist who’s wooing ladies across the land with a cute accent and awesome scissor skills.

Now it’s via a high-end hair care line that packs a whole lotta quality in sleek packages that pretty up your shower shelves.

A professional hair and beauty manufacturer, evo “speaks the truth,” or so says its brand message. In December, the Australian line made its nationwide debut in the states and introduced a new range, evo calm.

The Evo line consists of 36 different products divided into six families: calm, care, volume, curl, straight and style. These simple category names are part of the reason I love Evo so much. What you want for your hair and what your hair naturally is, is laid out right there, in one word.

It was first in the chair at Ruggeri Salon that I fell in love with Evo. Greg Ruggeri read me just right when he said I needed a product I would actually use; throw it on my wet hair after a shower because it was just so easy and somehow so appealing that I wouldn’t forget it. He strangely knew that my shelves were stocked – overstocked – with hair products that just sat there. He’d met a lot of editors before me, clearly. This product, he promised, I would use. And guess what? I do. The magic product of which I speak is Evo’s End Doctor Smoothing Sealant, which I generously slather on my mane after a shower one, because it smells so darn good and two, because I think it actually works. It makes my hair feel smoother and less frizzed, even when I don’t have time to do much more than apathetically wave the blow dryer over it.

Another aspect I love about Evo is its commitment to the environment. All evo products are sulphate, paraben, DEA, TEA and propylene glycol free, and all packaging is 100 percent recyclable. And the company has offset its carbon footprint by purchasing government accredited carbon offset credits. Other standout products include the Water Killer Dry Shampoo and the Mane Prescription Protein Treatment.

“Coming to the United States was a natural next phase for us,” said Gavin von Gavin, the director of science at evo research laboratories, company statesman and “fearless leader” as the website describes him. “After many successful years in Australia and Europe, we knew our brand has a place in the States, and we look forward to saving even more ordinary humans from themselves.”

Truth is, even we hair editors need help saving ourselves from ourselves. It’s easy to get bogged down in the mess of products out there and Evo gets it right: the company knows how to get you using its product consistently by a mix of high quality products that work and a lovable marketing campaign. The sarcasm and quirky voice behind the line make it all the more appealing. One can easily get lost in its website, which reads more like a trendy magazine than a hair product site. The brand also touts skin care, body products and tools, which you can find more info about on the website.

Right now in New York you can find Evo products only at Ruggeri Salon. But even if you’re not going there for a fabulous cut and color, it’s worth the trip to snag a few hair care failsafes.

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