Anthony Leonard Salon, a Downtown salon on Madison Avenue


Though it is on Madison avenue, Anthony Leonard Salon has a raw, edgy vibe more in character with Soho than Madison Avenue. The artsy decor has a bohemian flavor with eclectic decorative objects, chandeliers, arresting art pictures and an oasis of exotic looking plants.

If you live uptown but love downtown this is the salon for you. Launched in 2008, the dream of experienced stylists Anthony Palermo and Leonard Zagami was to create a meeting place for collaborators in the entertainment, fashion and beauty world. Known for its out of the box, creative talent and cool atmosphere, the salon is the place to go for red carpet looks whether you are in the entertainment world or you just want to look as fabulous as anyone who does.

Upon arriving at the salon on the third floor at the corner of 54th street and Madison avenue, expect a very warm welcome and none of the slight coolness of an upper east side salon. While Anthony and Leonard do hair for fancy A list types like Madonna or Tyra Banks, they are as down to earth as can be.

I went to get my color done as this is one of the specialities of the salon. Anthony who creates the Material Girl’s blond mane knows a thing or two about creating a striking head of vibrant color. One look at my hair and he noticed that there was not enough contrast between my bottom color and my top color. In other words, my color was kind of flat and uninspiring and needed depth and dimension to look sexier. However he recommended a soft pigmented blond on top not a bleached, electric one so as not to make me look washed out as my complexion after the summer is already back to its pale tone. What I needed was more contrast and dimension not a bland same vibe . He also noticed by mere touch that my hair had a tendency to oxidize and lose luster and pliability quickly. This also called for a need to keep the color natural looking as oxidization will make the color lose its healthy natural appearance quickly.He disappeared to mix his colors and reappeared in less than five minutes with his cup and meticulously applied color to my bottom hair.

After the first layer was done, I went to the sink to wash it all off before a few foils were added to add the top layer. After thirty minutes, an attendant took me back to the shampoo area, washed my hair again and applied gloss to my entire head. She also massaged my neck and upper forehead like a real pro releasing tension in my cranium. After that, Luden Henriquez senior stylist in the salon blow dried my hair in a way that would have been just perfect if I had received an invitation to host the Emmys that same night, a crown of slightly messy but beautifully loose curls that fell on my shoulders in a nonchalant, devil-no-care manner.

After my hair was done, I moved on to the make up table where you can be prepped for any occasion, whether you simply want to look glamorous for work, memorable for a special event or just discover new options for your look. Eli Lee senior makeup artist works with a lot of performers, He called for a natural soft makeup look for me, with a NARS concealer to cover my under eye area that tends to have dark circles. He evened out the whole tone of my face with a special sponge he swears by, added a slight dab of blush on my cheeks, then mascara while explaining me how to create the perfect look for me.

While the airy salon bustles with activity, it has a relaxed vibe. People say hello and smile making you feel like you are part of the team. Cappuccino, tea and cookies are also available. Just help yourself to the cookie jar at the entrance, take a magazine or book, grab a drink and enjoy your time.

For more information about The Anthony Leonard salon visit their website at

Anthony Leonard Salon
532 Madison Avenue 3rd floor
North west corner of 54th street, Entrance on 54th street,

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