Argan Oil: A Side-by-Side Test of a Big Gun and a Smaller One


For months I’ve been hearing about a miraculous oil and all the amazing things it can do for your hair – surely many of you readers have heard of or tried it too. This miracle oil can make your hair softer than you’ve ever known, shinier than a mirror, and so touchable your lover will never stop stroking it. It is rumored to be the superhero of all hair ingredients and can clearly revitalize even the most stressed strands. The cult of this oil knows no bounds as women flock to the meccas of hair supplies to snatch it up. The word of mouth on this particular ingredient has been growing steadily over the past several years, and has reached a fever pitch.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, the oil I’m referring to is argan oil, and there is more than one company capitalizing on it. I decided to see if it was something truly wonderful, or just a whole lot of hype, by trying out not just the most popular, which many agree is Moroccanoil, but another brand too; The Seaweed Bath Co. I was wary of putting oil on my fine hair, but something told me that this might be the ticket to restoring it. My hair had gone through four color changes in the past year, and its length was well past my shoulders. It was a tangled, fried, dull, mess that I wore in a ponytail almost every day since my last color session.

Argan oil is an ingredient derived from Southwest Morocco. It is high in antioxidants, fatty acids, and is used to strengthen and protect hair. I figured I’d start with Moroccanoil and see what the buzz was really about. It’s a complete line of products using argan oil, and seems to have perfected the art of using the oil in a myriad of products for all hair types, ranging from fine to thick and curly. I decided to dive in with Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo, Moisture Repair Conditioner, and Light Oil Treatment for fine and light colored hair.

The very first time I lathered, I was impressed by how rich this particular shampoo was. As I rinsed, I could feel that my hair was very clean, but not stripped at all. Then, following the directions on the bottle of conditioner, I left it on for a minute or two. My hair had started out feeling a little dry and dehydrated, but in this one use, it felt soft to the touch, even after rinsing. Then I applied a pump of the argan oil Treatment. As I worked it through my fine hair, it felt even silkier (if possible), and also weightless. Even damp, my hair had bounce. I quickly saw how this stuff could get addictive. As I finger dried, my hair felt silky and had no tangles. It dried to a glossy finish, with no added products and virtually all flyaways were under control. Ok, I was sold – this is amazing stuff. I didn’t even feel that added products were necessary for styling. The one drawback? There is no hold; just shine and manageability. Overall, I gave this line a complete rave. Fine, two drawbacks: I am not in love with the scent – a little too Exotic Bazaar for me – but that’s a personal preference. Will it stop me from using it? Not at all. After setting of to a great start with Moroccanoil, it was on to the next argan product, which would have big shoes to fill.

The next exciting find for me was The Seaweed Bath Co. Wildly Natural Seaweed Shampoo, which, contrary to a perhaps misleading brand name, is an argan oil shampoo. Now knowing that argan oil is extremely moisturizing, I used this product alone. This particular shampoo comes in several soothing scents, including Lavender, which was one of the most authentic Lavender scented products I have ever used on my hair. My shower turned into a spa treatment experience just by washing my hair – kind of like those Herbal Essences commercials where women are blissfully lathering. This shampoo was a little thicker than the Moroccanoil, and it didn’t foam up as much, but don’t be dismayed by that. I found that it still gives good moisture to hair, especially when paired with a conditioner of your choice, or a treatment such as the Moroccanoil Oil Treatment. And let me reiterate: the smell is divine. I have never used such a beautiful smelling natural shampoo. For the rest of the day, I didn’t even need to wear perfume, and my hair looked gorgeous, and was comb-able right after use, even without conditioner.

So the big question: which was better? Turns out, the Moroccanoil is worth the hype. While it couldn’t compete with the absolutely fabulous smell of Seaweed Bath Co’s shampoo, it simply makes your hair feel uncannily soft and silky. So my advice is yes, buy into the argan oil trend.

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Adam Grossman

Hi Jessa,

I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to review our Wildly Natural Seaweed Shampoo and for giving it such glowing remarks. We greatly appreciate it.

Kind Regards,



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